her name is gussie and she will be going home (owner located)

A knock on my door five minutes ago, and now my lost pal having a spa day at the Chester County SPCA has a name and a home.

Her name is Gussie.

The owner ‘s name is Pam and she is a local Zumba teacher in East Goshen and will be coming to Chester County SPCA tomorrow to pick up Gussie .

I have never been so happy to meet a neighbor in my life.

I warned her that Gussie’s photo was everywhere.

I am so happy that Gussie is loved and just got out and will go home.  She has a brother dog named Chubbs who is so unbelievably cute (he’s a little fella).

Pam, the owner, adopted her many years ago from the Delaware County SPCA, and the chip in her is not Pam’s.  I guess it was the owner that originally surrendered her.

See what paying it forward does?  You put something positive out there and look what happens?  Dogs like Gussie find their way home.








**UPDATE** I spoke to Chester County SPCA.  The dog is still there and did have a microchip….which led to a disconnected cell phone from New York.  I asked if I could come see her and maybe walk her while she is in their care, and they regretfully told me no.  The Chester County SPCA will keep her for three days.  As per the comment below, Collie Rescue of SEPA has offered to help them if they need it.  PLEASE, if you know where this dog lives, know a family who recently relocated from New York to the West Chester/Malvern area, please call the Chester County SPCA.


HI! I found a dog, or she found me this morning.  I don’t know her name, but she responded to Sweetie…probably because she is so sweet.  Found  North Chester Road (352).  She is very sweet, elderly, possibly collie/shepherd or collie/husky mix.  Either has severe hip dysplasia or was injured.  Dirty, but obviously not out that long.  No collar, no tags.

The Chester County SPCA is coming to pick her up within the hour.  Please, please, please if you know who she belongs to, please contact either East Goshen Police or the Chester County SPCA.  The Chester County SPCA will have a vet check her.

This is the kind of stuff that breaks my heart, so I would like to find her home.  Her teeth look old, but not the worst shape, but her nails need a trim.  She is very overweight.

Again, this is a sweet dog, not aggressive in the least.

Chester County SPCA can be reached at Phone Number: 610-692-6113

East Goshen Police Department can be reached at 610-692-5100.

She will be going with Chester County SPCA, because I can’t keep her.  And my instinct says she needs a vet to look at her.  Main Line Rescue doesn’t have any dogs missing meeting her description, and the same goes for all the vets I have called.

Please, if this is your dog, come forward.  I do not want this sweet girl to end her days in a shelter. She reminds me of a dog I used to have and loved very much named Mattie.

Thank you for reading, please cross-post and please, please, please call Chester County SPCA ASAP if you recognize her.