free market day in east goshen

So, I have this e-mail from the guy who  is my State Representative, Dan Truitt.

Haven’t met him yet, but this seems like a nice event, so I thought I would throw it up.

Here is what his invitation says:

Community Day and Free Market

I will hold a Community Day and Free Market at East Goshen Township Park, 1661 Paoli Pike, in West Chester, on Saturday, July 21, from 1-4 p.m.

When: Saturday, July 21
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: East Goshen Township Park, 1661 Paoli Pike, West Chester

Everyone from the 156th District is invited to enjoy the free food and fun for people of all ages. We ask you to bring along your otherwise working, but no longer wanted, household items to the Free Market so they can find a new home, and you can pick up something for yourself.
To RSVP to this event please email Matt Holliday at or call my district office at 610-696-4990.
If you plan to bring some of your own household items to the event please notify my staff that you need a table. There will be a limited number of spaces for vendors at the “Free Market.”


I am giving him an “A” for effort in advance even if I think the Free-Market-Play-On-Words is a little too tea party for me.  I just can’t get my head wrapped around tea partiers.   Especially given the women I am supposed to look up to as a conservative: Michelle Bachmann and that Wiccan It Girl from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell.

And speaking of the political animal, what is up with a random website I discovered called The Chester County Truth Squad ?  I was Googling for info on Dan Truitt and came across the blog which has a post about him holding a breakfast  as it is out of his district?  (I have no comment on this other than I don’t know the boundaries around here and redistricting has created a mess all over.)

There is plenty of room out there for different types of blogs, but this one as of yet is neither attractive nor easy to navigate – they say on the site that they are upgrading.

It seems to be concentrated on being solely anti-Republican which is their right, but does that mean the site is funded by the Democratic Party of Chester County?

I will fully admit that I do not truly have a handle on the politics of Chester County, so I will watch this site and see how it evolves.   I will say however, that they aren’t off-base taking the West Chester Area School District to task as the district has definite issues.