father’s day

Father’s Day is Sunday.  I thought I would take a moment to remember two great fathers I have known in my lifetime.  My late  father Peter and my late brother in law, Keith.

We lost my father to prostate cancer November 13, 2005 and Keith to peritoneal mesothelioma on December 22, 2010.

Both were awesome human beings and fathers.

I miss both of these men.

My late father, Peter, shared with me his love for life, and many other things including the importance of being involved in one’s community.  He taught me how to garden, and to an extent how to cook.  He also had a deep love and appreciation of the arts. Growing up, he always had time for his girls.  He wasn’t superhuman, was just a man, but he was my father.

My late brother-in-law, Keith, was one of the brightest people and most astute businessmen that I ever met.  But Keith wasn’t just that, he was an amazing father and husband to my sister and her children.  He  always had time even to just check in with all of his friends and family.   Seeing him with his children, was nothing short of magic and pure joy.  Healso had this calm way about him that was lovely.

I am only sorry that both of these awesome men aren’t here today to see my own sweet man as a father.  Because he is amazing in his own right, and his relationship with my stepson in training is very, very special and cool.

So remember the fathers you have known in your lifetimes this weekend.

Patch had this great thing this week, where they invited people to share remembrances about their fathers.  I would like to pay that forward and invite you, my readers, to do the same thing.  Unlike Patch, this isn’t a contest, just an invitation to share if you so choose.

Happy Father’s Day.