new discoveries: frazer antiques

A while ago I met this delightful older lady named Molly who is an antiques dealer.  She told me she was also one of the dealers in Frazer Antiques.  At the time I remarked I had always wanted to stop into Frazer Antiques but just never had.

Well today I did. And I will be back.

Frazer Antiques is a bunch of dealers.  It is larger inside than it appears from its Lincoln Highway/Lancaster Avenue exterior.  For the most part, items are fairly priced.  And the condition of most items for sale is very good to excellent.  There are a lot of “smalls” and even larger furniture pieces.  There is a painted chest in there I am drooling over in the furniture of it all.

It is quite simply an old school antiques store that isn’t too full of itself – you know how some antiques stores are?  I get turned off by the antiques stores that either have personnel who size you up when you walk in the door and sniff disdainfully, are over priced, or then there are the dealers who just plain ignore you (like the woman who has the antique shop in the historic Sugartown Village building on Sugartown Road.)

The people at Frazer Antiques could not have been nicer and I had ADD by old stuff as soon as I walked in the door.  Things that I love to look at were there a plenty. The things that make my sweet man laugh at me: tole trays, white milk glass chickens, flow through blue and transferware, silver, depression glass of all hues, oil lamps, and fabulous old porcelain.  There were also dealers who had some cool textiles like Victorian crazy quilts, and interesting bits of jewelry here and there. And cool bits of framed art and terrific mirrors.

Just like l love my Smithfield Barn, this place is going to stay on my radar. Some of their dealers will be at one of my favorite annual shows – Antiques at Kimberton Show on November 17th and 18th .

Anyway…Frazer Antiques is open 7 days a week 10a.m. to 5p.m. The address is 351 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer, PA 19355 (across the road from Classic Diner).  Again, it is a multi-dealer shop.  610-651-8299.

They have been in business for over 30 years.  Check them out!  Tell them you saw them mentioned on chestercountyramblings.






One of my most favorite things are vintage handmade quilts.  Maybe it is part of the legacy of having had a Pennsylvania German grandmother, I don’t really know.  I am not a quilter, but I admire it as a  usable folk art form.  I actually have a couple of friends who are quilters .

Quilts are just cool, and quilting has been a popular craft in the United States since the 1700s.   In a sense, it is the ultimate folk art . ( A fun blog to check out on the topic is Tom Miner Quilts and Folk Art.)

Some of these vintage quilts can be very expensive, and they come in all colors and patterns.  Many tell a story, yes story quilts. Or memory quilts.  I hear there are quilt shows, but have never been to one. Quilts are history in textiles.

I look for simple quilts.  I find them at tag sales, church sales, flea markets and there are a lot on eBay if you know what you are doing.

I will admit I am cheap, so I won’t pay much.  A lot of people decorate with quilts, and there is a Pinterest Board about that and a little video on HGTV’s website that is about decorating with quilts.

I use my quilts, and I like to look at them so you will often find a stack perched on a guest room bed.  I know people who have quilts tabbed and semi-mounted for wall hanging.

Country Living Magazine periodically has things about decorating with quilts. (Speaking of Country Living Magazine, you can still nominate this blog for a Blue Ribbon Blogger Award until July 29, 2012!)

A couple of quilts I have acquired have needed a little TLC and I have learned to patch them with scraps of ribbon, lace, and fabrics that meld with whatever the quilt has as afar as color and pattern.  And you know what? For a loving hands at home bit of TLC, it works just fine!

Vintage quilts were made to be used, so seek them out.  I will note that no vintage quilt ever goes on a bed without being cleaned first.  I have never bought one that is dirty, truthfully, just something I think makes a common sense best practice.

If you know of places to find fun quilts, or shows that feature quilts, please feel free to post a comment!