don’t stop believing?

Is Instagram now really The Diary of a Malignant Narcissist? High on the hog of her Main Line Tonight interview, she’s back on Instagram proclaiming not sure exactly what?

My true unfettered amusement on this first screenshot is she still doesn’t get how the Main Line works. Not my job to educate. Also, what is she responding to? My opinion?

This above? Just wow, right? Words are cheap and she sure is slinging them like mud, oui? Like at our local journalist and all around wonderful lady, Caroline O’Halloran? For real? You are going after her too? All those court dockets are just lies too? Police reports? Does she live in an alternate universe or does Melissa Jacobs have it right when she refers to her as Hillary White Jean: The Main Line’s Anna Delvey? (Careful, Melissa, you are probably next. as everyone takes a turn in her blame game, don’t they?)

Certainly more to unpack, yes?

My post yesterday might explode if I added more, hence the new post.

Yesterday’s post:

Back to the screenshots:

I’m not quite sure what the point is with the posts about Tehrani brothers? She’s not exactly the wounded party here, is she? I mean this is just one of two retail store leases she skipped out on in Wayne isn’t it? Did they have to accept what she purportedly proposed?

I don’t really know Nancy Volpe Beringer, other than who she is and I watched her on Project Runway and cheered her on. But what do these posts prove? Because if you think about it, of course, Nancy can wear her own pieces. She either designed them, or actually owns them, correct?

And once again, she pivots back to a subject of some obsession doesn’t she? Why so obsessed with publicist, Sarah Doheny? After all, if you bounce checks to someone and stiffed them on the total amount of what you agreed to pay them, how is that other person supposed to feel? Wasn’t there someone different as a publicist down in Glen Mills? Seems a wee bit stalkeriffic as a whole, doesn’t it?

I don’t pretend to have the answers here, I am following along with popcorn like everyone else. But I just don’t get it and I have to wonder if victims are feeling victimized yet again?

First Savvy Main Line then Main Line Tonight seemed to have established that what happened in Wayne is a repeat pattern from other businesses in other places, right?

Also curious? Why she leaves out text messages like to her former publicist, Sarah Doheny? Like these two (she does all of the talking it seems except for a polite blue reply which is Doheny?) :

Curiouser and curiouser. Where are you hiding Keith Morrison?

Savvy Main Line: The swift rise and steep fall of a Wayne shopkeeper; Top-shelf shooting at Main Line Armory; Walk-in pet care; New Joey Chops & Thrillz adventure park; All-weather pickleball (!) & much more


Court and police records show that Jean:

  • has declared bankruptcy five times in three states since 2011, most recently on Jan. 30 of this year.
  • has been repeatedly sued for alleged nonpayment of bills and has had at least four court judgments entered against her since 2021.
  • has been arrested three times since arriving in Wayne: twice last summer for passing fraudulent checks and once three weeks ago for witness intimidation, harassment and other charges at her preliminary criminal hearing before Radnor District Judge Leon Hunter. The Delaware County DA and Radnor and Newtown police have all confirmed ongoing investigations of Jean.

To the public, she was a smart businesswoman, a former hairdresser from Haiti with a sharp eye for style and a winning personality who worked hard for the designer clothes she wore and the Range Rover she drove.

Jean marketed herself as both “the first black business owner in Wayne” and a fashion pioneer who was upping the Main Line’s style game. “We’re bringing Rodeo Drive to the Main Line,” she once told SAVVY with a 100-watt smile….

But court and police records and our interviews with multiple sources reveal a woman who repeatedly changed names, addresses and businesses and stiffed people and companies whose fashions she sold, whose space she rented, and whose services she engaged.

In the last two years, Hillary White Jean has opened and closed three stores: Lady M Boutique (M was for millionaire) in Glen Mills, HJ Boutique at 106 E. Lancaster Ave. in Wayne (now the home of Wheelhouse Cards) and JWH Boutique at 209 E. Lancaster Ave. at the former Mattress Factory/Tehrani Rug Co. building, also in Wayne…..In an early January email to customers dotted with all-caps exclamations, Jean called her time in Wayne “phenomenal … We MADE HISTORY. ASK SIRI … We were named the New Beverly Hills Fashion Boutique in Wayne.” She blamed “unfortunate unexpected circumstances” for her store’s closure and invited customers to shop online.

“Perhaps it’s just temporary,” she wrote. “We are in the middle of a renegotiation. We’re NOT sure how it will work out.”

But according to her Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing on January 30, 2023, she owes nearly $476,280.42 to her first Wayne landlord, School Lane Holdings Co., with whom she signed a five-year lease with a personal guarantee, and $67,103.42 to her second Wayne landlords, Reuben, Benjamin and Youda Tehrani.

~SAVVY MAIN LINE 2/28/2023