crazy fabulous italian easter bread

A nice man smiled at me at the Wayne Farmers Market this past Saturday from behind his bakery counter.

“Are you Italian?” he asked.

“Yes” I responded with a laugh.

“Then you have to buy and try my Easter Bread.” he says

And there is was looking so pretty, and it reminded me of the breads I would see waiting for us on the kitchen table belonging to my Aunt Millie and Aunt Josie on Ritner Street as a little girl.

So I bought one.  And yes, all of a sudden I was about six years old again.

This should be your Easter Bread too.  And while you are there, buy their cinnamon and sticky buns. Truthfully their buns are better than the wares being displayed for sale by the Up Country Dutchies at the market.

Buy it at D’Innoncenzo’s Bakery inside the Wayne Farmers Market.  If you need to order baked goods they are at the market Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm.  The number at the market is 610-917-1104.

Tell them you read about them on chestercountyramblings.  I was not compensated for this post, incidentally.  It was all in the baked goods. Try them.