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“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” 
~ Theodore Roosevelt 

Cyber bullying is a real thing.  A mom blogger in Texas is experiencing it first hand. A friend who is a blogger told a group I belong to about it. It has even made the news.

Cyberbullying escalates to stalking, death threat  Posted on May 12, 2014 at 10:42 PM

 LEANDER — Like most pre-teens, 11-year-old Julia Young’s tan and purple room is usually covered with posters.

Now it’s empty because Julia, along with her best friend Melody Coffey, is staying somewhere private out of state while their families deal with a case of cyberbullying that has escalated into stalking and even death threats.

“All I want to do as a mother is protect my children, keep them from feeling that fear and feeling that invasion of privacy that they feel now that they will never feel safe again,” said Christine Young, Julia’s mother.

Young tells KVUE the cyberbullying began three months ago with a girl she says was once her daughter’s friend at Stiles Middle School in Leander ISD…..After that things began to escalate online and in school.

“Calling her names, saying I’m going to spread rumors that you’ve slept with all these guys and you’re a whore and a slut. Nobody will want to touch you,” Christine says, regarding the girl’s rumors started about her daughter.

The threats quickly escalated on Instagram and public messages that were going out to any of the kids at school following this account, said Young.


It is scary to think this can happen to our kids, isn’t it?

It doesn’t just happen to kids, it happens to adults.  I know, because cyber bullying via social media is happening to me.

I had mentioned a parody of this blog had cropped up.  It has unfortunately evolved into more of a case of adult cyber-bullying than parody.  The suspected architects are those I believe used to be in my life.  They haven’t been for years. Yes, years.   And neither lives in Chester County. I have zero contact with them or desire for contact with them, and will continue to have no contact with them.  Ironically and quite a shame to say, but they left my life (their choice).  Apparently and unknown to me until now they keep tabs on me, which is truly so very sad that this is all they have to do all day. I never would have thought they were such empty and hollow people. I just figured when I went on with my life, so did they.

Every day they put an inordinate amount of time into scouring through anything I have written in the hopes that they can skew it or make it ugly and dirty.  They pepper their  writings with digs at others in my life and negativity about anything and everything. Unfortunately for them, every day it makes them look more sad, more stuck,  and more twisted.  They act as if I am a public figure, when in fact I am just a regular every day person.

Yes, cyber bullying is against the law, but some people feel that this is their God-given right, so it is not my job to dissuade them of that notion. The fact that adults older than I am can spend their days being eaten alive by envy, jealousy and anger is such a shame.  Think of all the good they could do if they used their energy for good or anything positive, right?

Am I upset by all of this? No not really.  I don’t need them for any self-validation and bullies of any age or stage of life are to be pitied.  What they do is a cry for help in their own stagnant and stale lives.  They should be pitied and prayed for. As should anyone dumb enough to buy into what they are desperately trying to peddle.

You see the biggest problem they have is that I am happy.  And no amount of negativity can rob me of that. I choose to share my thoughts and photos and whatnot on this blog, and I will continue to do so.  What is happening also makes me realize how very lucky I am and blessed.

So while I appreciate your concern my dear readers, I am fine.  But you should pray for people who are so unhappy that they do these things. What is that quote about people who love themselves don’t feel the need to hurt others? Sad, but true.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy the beautiful day.