Breaking News in West Vincent Township, Chester County

What? You expected me to NOT do a photo shop LOL? If West Vincent didn’t sooooo inspire me, there would be nothing to talk about, would there?

I mean seriously West Vincent in the real world when a developer wants to extend something they need to give a reason.   The Daily Local says :

According to supervisors’ Vice Chairwoman Clare Quinn, the developers did not specify a reason for the extension request, which was unanimously approved.

This land-development application is over a year old. The developers want to construct three two-story office buildings, each consisting of about 2,500 square feet.

According to Township Manager Jim Wendlegass, Birch Run Village Leasing LLC originally submitted a land-development application in late 2004, and it was denied, and the current application has a low-intensity-use sewage plan.

“Another (application) may be coming, and that’s why I think (the developers) are extending, because they’re revising,” said Quinn.

Township supervisors’ Chairman Kenneth Miller said the extension request is an opportunity for Birchrun Village LLC to address community concerns with the project.

Gee Clare, let us consult the Magic 8 Ball while we are at it…..and speaking of Farmer Supervisor Ken Miller, how is the temperature of his wife Smiling Sue and cheese at local farm markets these days? And what is this talk of knobby knees and governmental shorts?

Come on West Vincent, if you don’t want to be blogged about quit making it so darn easy…..

Oh and as the sainted Chicken  (y’all know it is Blessed Be the Chickenman, right?) suggests, check out  I will leave West Vincent officials to their clucking now…..

olympic thoughts…

So this really made me think:  8/08/2012 @ 9:51AM  Sorry Olympians, Even Nobel Prizes Are Taxed

Faster, higher, richer: Should Olympic medal winners be taxed?  LINDSAY TEDDS

And a friend had this to say:

It is unbelievable…because it’s only partially true.  The tax burden cited – almost $9K – is only borne by athletes in the 35% tax rate, which would be an AGI of $388,350.  The medals themselves range in value from $4.70 for the “bronze” to a bit over $600 for the “gold” – which is about 1% gold – so most athletes that won even gold probably won’t be affected, even if the bill introduced in both houses on 8/1 doesn’t pass (unlikely, unless it’s attached to something reprehensible). So LeBron and Kobe probably pay the $9K, but unless the endorsement deals for the archers and track and field types get them over the adjusted gross income of almost $400K, they pay a lot less.  In fact, I’d be so bold as to say that if they do make that much money in endorsements (NOT for their service in the Olympics), that money should be taxed. It’s funny how this only came up this year…
Even if it is only partially true, should Olympic athletes find themselves taxed for winning a medal in this country?
I am going to tell you that while I love the Olympics, I did not enjoy the overdose of talking heads.  The constant stream of yackity yack.  And commercials.   I wish they could have just done more sports, less talk.  And there were so many events we only saw mini snippets of.
And I sincerely hope Meredith Viera goes back into retirement now. I kept hoping someone would drop her in the Thames and forget about her….
Oh one other Olympic thing, file under momma needs a muzzle:
Really, since her son is probably has the main bread-winner potential now and she is facing foreclosure, wow, momma shut it.