chester county comes to clover market

So I have this friend Janet Long who thought up this fabulous outdoor market in Ardmore, PA called Clover Market.  Like First Friday Main Line, it has bought new life and crazy amounts of foot traffic and visitors to what was a sort of sleepy Main Street town.

Eliver Designs

Clover Market is a hybrid cross between a high-end craft show, antiques and collectibles show, meets art show.  It is, in a word, fantastic!

Clover Market has a website, Facebook Page, and Pinterist Boards.  They also feature a lot of folks from Chester County.

Two of my favorites from yesterday? Cupcakes Gourmet and Eliver Design.  Elizabeth at Eliver Design has amazingly fair prices, fun stuff, and right now only does shows.  E-mail her at EECoast@gmail.comCupcakes Gourmet is from Frazer and they have awesome cupcakes! And they ship, so you can send their baked goods all over!!! Carlinos as well as A Taste of Olive  of West Chester and Ardmore was there too! (always have to give them a shout out!)

I am told   some Milk House folks were there, but I don’t know all the vendors there (yet, LOL!), so you’ll have to check.

See more photos of Clover Market HERE.

garagesale chic – chester county, now at milkhouse antiques in glenmoore

Milkhouse Antiques is lovely, albeit a lot of items are upcountry expensive.  Located in Glenmoore, it is in fact not one, but a collective of many vendors.  A feast for the eyes.

Anyway, Milkhouse has a new addition on the second floor – GarageSale Chic Chester County!   You can find the fun at 1641 Horseshoe Pike – a/k/a Route 322 a/k/a Manor Ave – Glenmoore, PA.  GSCCC is pretty fairly priced I think, but like any dealer, if you don’t like a price make her an offer – she can only say no.  Mind you I am not encouraging you challenge every price, but to me that is part of the thrill of the hunt of antiques and collectibles: the art of the deal.

The photos have nothing to do with GarageSale Chic Chester County, except that you can find both buildings on the way to their new country home at MilkHouse.