lipstick on a pig: parody blogging

CCR1-001I am blessed with some really wonderful friends.  They alerted me to a parody page of my blog literally created in the past few days.  They found it when looking for my blog’s Facebook page.  It (the parody) is on Facebook. I thought I would share some screen shots for your amusement. I know I was amused!!


So apparently I have spawned a clone.  And while they don’t have it quite right, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?


I can’t be sure who the witty author is, but I have a vague idea. Especially since I saw the name of the one sole person who likes any of the posts.  I am very amused they still find me so fascinating. Or my life now so fascinating.

I am not going to apologize for being truly happy and taking joy in everyday things like keeping house, gardening, taking photos, writing,CCR3-001and living. So maybe if they continue the parody, maybe they will learn to be happy as well?

I like it when my writing and photography make people happy.  After all, life is too short to be miserable, right?

So check out the page.  The wit is razor sharp.  They don’t live in Chester County, though, so don’t be mad when they don’t get it.  They can’t help it. They are just jealous that they can’t live in Chester County.

If Chester County Ramblings can’t introduce Chester County Rantings to the world, who can? But wow I don’t get their pig obsession, do you?   I prefer horses, cows, goats, sheep, and chickens like you,my dear readers, know.  Pigs smell….anyway enjoy the parody!




























fifty shades of excellent!

I was up at Chester County Book & Music Company today and found this awesome book (see photo).  Yet one more reason why I love the place!  I am so glad that someone is mocking Fifty Shades of Soft Porn Grey. It is absolutely delightful as a matter of fact!

Yeah, and you all who have bought the book and hate it, well what did you think the book was going to be like if you listened to some of those people?  As my teen nephew wisely said, “consider the source”.   (and if a 14 year old knows better, I rest my case.)

I say recycle Fifty Shades of Grey to the circular file and replace it with Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.