happy monday, sounds like a scam dinner….at red lobster

So we got this postcard in the mail. It was a no obligation event limited to a select group of timeshare owners. Only one problem, we’re not timeshare owners. No one in our family is a timeshare owner.

I love a good scam, don’t you?

It did not list company and we all get these postcards in the mail all the time for insurance, brokerage, money managers and so on. It’s a come on to sell you something. It’s Marketing 101. So I wanted to know what company was doing this. And yes, I am that consumer who will call and say Whatcha’ Talkin’ ‘Bout ‘Willis.

So I called the phone number which is 1-800-245-8993. Here’s the first woman (give it listen, very entertaining):

She was special, yes?

So she says they are calling on behalf of Molfetta Law in Langhorne, PA. There is not Molfetta Law in Langhorne PA. There is one in California. So I called. They didn’t know what I was talking about.

So I called Red Lobster in King of Prussia. Poor kid who answered phone was just confused by what I was asking. Couldn’t find any large reservations for the dates and times on the post card. She was kind enough to give me the number of Red Lobster Corporate. So I called. They could find any large reservations in their system so they said if was probably a scam.

I found another post card on the internet listed as a scam:

Then I did a little Facebook searching. Found another one:

So I do not know what the thing is using Red Lobster, but it seems to be the fake timeshare dinner of choice.

So I called back number on post card. Here is call #2:

IMS in Scranton is some marketing place. So how whomever found these people to call and send out a coupon escapes me.

I found a video from yesterday about this someplace else, again at a Red Lobster:

The toll free number when you put it into Google says it is a scam. That is 1-800-245-8993. Of course, it all comes back to one small detail: we don’t time share and no one in our family or extended family does.

So happy Monday, this is your scam entertainment for the week.

Is there a scamalot song? And they are cheap scammers. Red Lobster is all they can do?