consumer alert: think twice before doing business with SERTA and SLEEPY’S


I don’t like to do these kind of posts. But I feel it is necessary when companies charge a tidy sum for their products and don’t honor their warranties. I gave both companies a chance to do the right thing, but they chose not to.

So I am choosing to exercise my rights and tell everyone about it.

About a year ago now, give or take a week we ordered a new bed and high-end foam mattress. We ordered one of those expensive Serta foam mattresses with the special gel. We ordered from 1-800-Mattress and the order was fulfilled by Sleepy’s.

My negative experience began when my brand new mattress arrived FROZEN in an unheated truck with an unpleasant delivery man who not only criticized my house (which has very manageable stairs), but who wanted to just dump the mattress in the front hall. (And yes set-up was part of the purchase) In the end he dumped the mattress in the second floor hall. That was the first time I did not tip a delivery man.

I called up Sleepy’s and complained. They knocked money off of the delivery. Which I thought was the right thing to do as my time is worth something, right? I was urged to call or e-mail if I had ANY other problems.

Well I have problems. The mattress which is less than a year is not holding up the way it is advertised. AT ALL.

These mattresses are supposed to hold their form for quite a few years and this one is not. There is almost a “hump” or a mountain in the middle, and when anyone lies on the bed the indent from the body never really springs back. So you also get “valleys”.

We have another older Temper-pedic type mattress in another bedroom that does do what it is supposed to do. The foam does spring back and there are no mountains and valleys.

So Serta and Sleepy’s sent an independent mattress inspector to our home this week. I understand he had a job to do, but he was also somewhat unpleasant and he REEKED of cigarette smoke. I have a smoke free house so it was very noticeable an odor and gross.

He did all these measurements and was on his way. I will note when he did his measurements you could see where the mattress was not level, etc.

This morning Sleepy’s phoned. They and Serta feel the mattress is within normal range. If this is their idea of “normal” we never would’ve bought this mattress in the first place!

Long story short, they are not honoring their warranty. Which truthfully, is exactly what I expected. But I wanted to give them a chance.

They flunked customer service yet again as far as I am concerned.

As a consumer who believes in sharing the good and the bad, I feel compelled to warn all of you out there with regard to doing business with Serta and Sleepy’s. Buyer beware if you purchase anything from them because if something ends up wrong you could get the short end of the stick too.

There are other companies out there.


the lost art of customer service

sleepyUPDATE: Sleepy’s reached out to me.  They are working with us and I will update post as needed

So we bought ourselves a new bed frame and mattress for Christmas.  The frame came without incident from – and they only had one delivery man on the truck that delivered.  And he bought every box up to the master bedroom cheerfully and carefully.  He was probably one of the NICEST delivery people I have ever dealt with.

The mattress experience was not so pleasant.  We ordered from Sleepy’s, which after my experience should be renamed Cranky’s.

As I told the Sleepy’s folks in an e-mail:

So we just bought a rather expensive mattress from you and the customer experience on delivery was enough to not ever use your company again and encourage others also NOT to patronize you.

The delivery was timely, but upon arrival delivery man #1 announced my new mattress was frozen, so it would not be able to take it up to the master bedroom (2 sets of stairs, 7 steps a piece).

What he wanted to do was dump my new expensive mattress in the front hall and block everything.

When he came into the house he complained about everything. Considering I was a paying customer I found that offensive. In another home when I used 1-800-Mattress they moved a bed frame, mattress, and box spring up an incredibly steep and narrow staircase and down a hall without a complaint.  And set everything up and removed another bed damaged in the move.

Your delivery man #1 then called your office, and basically I asked the woman what Sleepys was going to do for me and the answer was nothing.  “Well you got free delivery” she said in a horriblly accented voice like that should make it all better.

After much complaining delivery man #1 along with delivery man #2 (who was very nice) moved my new expensive mattress to the second floor hall.

Now while I get the gel stuff in the mattress caused it to freeze and couldn’t go up to master bedroom, the fact that I had to push to get them to do partial placement was ridiculous!

And I will note that I along with someone else had managed to move heavy dressers, a bed frame, and a large and heavy area rug up those two sets of 7 steps without complaint.

I have never seen a perfect mattress delivery, but at least my other experiences with other companies meant not feeling offended after spending a pretty penny. For the first time ever in my life I did not tip delivery personnel. But I was not going to tip after feeling offended and being given a hard time.

Again, I get the mattress was frozen and couldn’t be placed on the bed, but I should not have had to work SO hard to get the mattress part way to its final location when all I was talking about was a straight shot up 7 short stairs!

I have learned a valuable lesson that your company only cares about the customer up to the point you take our money.

A friend of mine who owns a business driven by customer service, and also offers delivery had this to say:

I will note that I think it’s ridiculous that they allowed your new expensive mattress to freeze.

You did not purchase a frozen mattress, did you?  So why did they allow it to become frozen before delivery?

The mattress should have been kept in temperature regulated storage before delivery, as I am guessing that the only way for it to become frozen is that they loaded the box truck the night before and left it outside.

These mattress are probably not tested to withstand freezing conditions so what if the gel foam substance is damaged from being frozen now?

How can you be sure that the mattress is not permanently damaged and will be less supportive as a result of poor product care prior to delivery?  I think they should refund half the cost of your new expensive mattress because of unsatisfactory delivery of a damaged product.

She’s not wrong, and I had not thought of that.  I wrote to them because the customer service to me the customer was not exactly what I was expecting. 1-800-Mattress is better, is better, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are also better.

I expect nothing more out of Sleepy’s as with them obviously customers are out of site and out of mind once they take your money.  Then it is onto the next sale. I think it is great they donated mattresses to Super Storm Sandy Survivors on the Rachael Ray Show but I think more of the credit there goes to Rachael Ray for arranging it.  After all, Sleepy’s corporate gets nice write offs for donations, correct?

I am thinking true customer service is a lost art unless you are patronizing smaller and more local businesses.

Lesson learned: if you purchase anything from Sleepy’s don’t expect much.  A good deal is not so fabulous when it comes with cranky customer service.   When it comes to them Caveat emptor. And when you can: shop local.