ups hell bah humbug 

 UPDATE 12/10/2015 There is this lady who works for UPS in Fort Worth who is amazing. Her name is Scarlett and she located and retrieved one of my packages – so the one destined for Colorado will actually get there now. BUT the package really destined for Texas dropped off the face of the earth in Horsham. I find that unacceptable.

I will note that I have gotten this far with lost packages because I hunted on the Internet until I was able to find the e-mail addresses of the Chairman and other top executives at UPS.  I should not have had to do that, but I did. I put my problems in writing. Those things don’t leave their servers.

UPS does customers a disservice with the off-shore call centers. Those people are useless. And rude.

One down, one to go.


I am still in UPS hell. Overnight some social media customer service person basically had the so sad too bad attitude. So I looked up the corporate office phone number. Calling UPS is like calling Fort Knox or the White House –you can’t get through to anybody. I ended up in the retirement plans department for employees first. They transferred me to a number that got me nowhere. Then I did a little googling and found the media relations phone number (404-828-7123).

The man who answered the phone did not want to deal with an irate woman. So I was finally able to obtain the corporate customer service phone number in Atlanta Georgia. That number for any of you who are interested is 404-828-3700. After an estimatedI don’t know how long hold time very nice woman named Teri Miller picked up the phone. She transferred me to a woman who is my caseworker with UPS. Several days later I did not know I had a caseworker. I got her voicemail her name is to Tenille Stephens. So I am in my next level of UPS limbo.

Meanwhile the package destined for Colorado that ended up in Texas has been delivered somewhere in Texas. So basically I don’t know where any packages are. I also located a bunch of corporate emails we will see if that does anything.


I am in UPS hell as in United Parcel Service hell.

Last week I sent two holiday packages out of the Staples in Exton. One package bound for Colorado and one package bound for Texas.

Both left Staples with UPS I assume properly.

Only for some reason the package bound for Texas went to Horsham PA after West Chester PA and hasn’t been heard from since.

The package destined for Colorado got rerouted to Texas. Yes, Texas. So  I called and was told the package would be correctly routed to Colorado.

The package last heard from in Horsham supposed to go to Texas is purportedly being “investigated”. Or that’s what some phone rep in the Philippines told me yesterday. Yes, the Philippines because like other US companies they route the call centers on overflow to the Philippines. And when they go to the Philippines these calls you get people who do not have a complete command of every day American English vernacular. And I can’t seem to deviate from some UPS provided script.

So today when I went to check on the tracking of the package destined for Colorado but taking a tour of Texas I see that it is out for delivery in freaking Texas. So I call UPS and I spend forever on hold and get someone in the Philippines. This person in the Philippines could not understand me and could not deviate from some stupid UPS script and also told me I had no reason to be upset. I hung up on her.

So now I have spent another hour of my life on hold with UPS as they try to straighten out their hot mess. I’m really tired of getting all my US company calls routed to offshore call centers who also tell me things like if a package gets lost I can just go buy something else??? Really???

I spent a total of another two hours on the phone with UPS because it took a while to get someone in a stateside call center. Hopefully they have located one package but the other package is still anyone’s guess.

The moral of the story is don’t ship during the holidays.

I have a big bad case of bah humbug thanks to United Parcel Service.