bah humbug in the 19333.


Oh well.

I was actually excited about this. I thought how nice to be able to have one of those fun Christmas markets not too far away.

I figured there would be an admittance charge, but I figured it would be along the lines of Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem which is amazing, incidentally. Their tickets in Bethlehem are around $10 – $12 per day, and a little bit expensive more with fees if you buy at the gate.

But it is Devon so I should have known it would have gold plated pricing. essentially it’s $35 a day per person for adults or a $90 “season pass” for adults. Kids are $23 a day or $60 for their “season.”

Sorry, not sorry, but I think that is too expensive. And I love Christmas and vintage Christmas in particular.

Also, real European Christmas markets actually don’t charge people to wander through.

And everyone knows that it’s not an inexpensive proposition to be a vendor at any Devon event. I do genuinely feel this is an amazingly good idea, and I love Christmas markets, I think I will stick with the markets I know better.

I would rather buy a ticket for example to go to Life’s Patina, for their holiday fun. At least, then I know what I am supporting exactly and they pick amazing non-profits. I will also be thrilled to go to the Surrey Services Holiday House Tour as well.

I am really bummed because I really thought this would be kind of cool, but for $35 to walk in the door and then the markup that the vendors will have to have I just don’t see that it’s worth it for me personally. But maybe I will check it out.

I will note this is NOT a Devon event. The people putting it on are a private group. 20 investors underwriting this. I still think the ticket costs are too much.

My final comment is they should offer local residents a discount.

Happy Saturday all!