attention to detail is key IF you are choosing a realtor


I love the junk that people pay to have delivered to your mailbox. Today’s offering is above.

I make no secret of my disdain, dislike, pick your own adjective of “Realtors” who do this.

When I get these flyers, I call to be removed from the mailing lists.  And in this case, the guy is trying to impress me with Delaware County real estate and locations where I wouldn’t want to live.  All  miles away and a different county. It’s kind of an apples to oranges situation.

And attention to detail with a realtor is also SO important. Poor Don Don Dowd doesn’t know to take the time to proof read his flyer?

moronHow do I know? Because the phone number on the hundreds or possibly thousands of mailers delivered has the wrong office phone number printed! I was crying laughing at the just deserts of that when I called to have our address removed…when you dial 484-496-4000 you get a wrong number recording.

So  I looked them up on Facebook and called the correct number which is 484-498-4000.  And all I got was a 12 year old answering the phone who said she worked for an answering service so she could not help me.   Really? Fabulous, right?

So Don Dowd, this blog post is for you.  If your answering service can’t help anyone, let alone offer to take a message and you can’t pay attention to proof-reading your irritating tree-killing mass mailing / solicitation flyer, why would anyone want you as a realtor in the first place?

To all of my fabulous realtor friends in Chester County and elsewhere, it is my pleasure to refer along all of you. You are real, work hard, pay attention to the smallest detail…and best of all you don’t waste your money on these tacky flyers.

Now time for the circular file for Donny’s flyer….