always beware of zoning changes in the dead of summer…west chester borough

So I don’t know if this means anything, or if this is something that residents of West Chester are not going to have a problem with, but I found it interesting so I’m putting it out there because of the timing. I am always suspect of things to get shoved through in the dead of summer in municipalities.

This showed up in a real estate briefing at the end of last week:

So these are basically things like your garage apartment or that pool house that became a guest house, cottages, and so on and so forth, correct?

West Chester Borough always has a lot of the funky going on and there are a lot of these units around West Chester, as well as other places, right? So I think this is something to watch. And I think probably West Chester Borough’s zoning magic in the dead of summer has something to do with the Chester County Planning Commission which is still run by a guy who doesn’t even live in Chester County.

Click here to access the information on The Chester County Planning Commission website.

How it Works

Accessory dwelling units enable municipalities to expand their housing stock and adapt housing options to meet the changing needs of homeowners and renters. ADUs can be attached or detached, but must be able to function independently from the primary unit. Municipalities can encourage development of ADUs through inclusion in their planning policies, zoning ordinances, subdivision and land development ordinances, and design guidelines as well as through education of the public regarding their benefits.



The cost to construct an ADU is typically lower than other housing options, as supporting infrastructure is often already in place. ADUs can create additional income for homeowners, and provide quality affordable housing options for renters.

Aging Population Support

ADUs can provide housing for a senior to live in proximity to family, for an in-home caretaker, or can provide a source of income for a senior homeowner after retirement. These same benefits can be realized for a disabled family member.

Open Space Protection

Development of ADUs can reduce demand for greenfield development, conserving and protecting valuable open space and natural resources.

Existing Infrastructure Efficiencies

As ADUs are constructed on existing properties, efficient use of existing infrastructure can be realized.

Neighborhood Character

ADUs can enable municipalities to expand their housing stock in a manner that fits into existing neighborhoods.

It sounds innocuous, and if done properly is probably value added to a community. But at this point given the massive amounts of development and over development in Chester County, I am suspect of everything let alone zoning changes that take place in the dead of summer.….

Here is the link to the notice on West Chester Borough:

OK so they are going to allow 15 minutes to discuss a zoning change. I’m sorry I find that kind of amusing. It’s like speed governing. if you can do it in 15 minutes, then you get a date with your borough council person of choice. Ha!

Between that and the whole thing about the teensy bit of sewer leaking into a storm sewer,

I’m very amused with West Chester borough right now.

Do they have zoning for Air B n B? Is that what this about? (See Hello West Chester December 2022.)