we knew this billboard was coming and can it be seen from space ?

This looks terrible and is it actually dangerous ? This was taken last evening 10:30 PM or there abouts.

A friend asked if PENNDot was going to add strobes to the regular lights like they have on Route 100 so people pay attention to the traffic signals not the billboards? People are afraid of distracted driving accidents and adverse neurological reactions and perhaps that is indeed more than a little justified?

But hey, I never hold out hope on PENNDot. They can’t even add a four way stop on Providence Road and Warren Avenue in Willistown, and God knows the accidents justify it.

These billboards are bullshit. And another thing allowed thanks in part to the Municipalities Planning Code not providing protection for Pennsylvania communities, only developers.

East Whiteland could have gone balls to the wall and said no to billboards, but I don’t think they really could afford to sadly.

But East Whiteland? Time to deal with how this looks and the problems that will occur if not dealt with.

I am amused by all the people who are so oblivious to what goes on where they live that they were surprised this billboard was going up. I am also amused by all the people who said they would fight this particular billboard and then essentially vanished from the issue, like happens with so many issues around. Now I know people will take umbrage at my comments but sometimes residents actually have to actively participate where they live.

Billboards are not about improving communities, only destroying them. They are a monument to ugliness.