seemingly juicy white collar crime in west whiteland has a new court date and still no media covereage?

A few weeks ago I saw these Crimewatch PA blurbs from West Whiteland Township. White Collar crimes, something you do not see often. The names were Verna, Karen and Verna, Joseph.

Originally these popped around Valentine’s Day. I threw up a post based on what I saw. That was that.

I figured the media would find this curious and follow-up. Crickets. And white collar crimes seem to be a media thing these days, including on the Main Line. And because it’s white collar you would think consumer affairs TV reporters might be interested? Nope. Crickets.

Today I wondered “what ever happened?” so I went back to the court dockets. New dockets. New entries. A formal arraignment on March 23, 2023 at 9:15 AM in front of Judge Analisa Sondergaard unless it gets moved. And when I looked again at the Crimewatch entries were updated to include photos, so now the names have faces.

So I am guessing this guy is a chiropractor in Florida now? (It came up in a Google search. You can look up the FL license, it’s public, also listed on PA state site so I guess that is it, huh?) Business must have been in West Whiteland since that is the PD that did it? And now there is the Chester County DA listed on the new dockets?

Don’t know the man. Don’t know the wife. But that is some interesting stack of charges on him and if you read the dockets, the charges say 2009 which means this has been going on a while??? How do you do that? Greed? Malice? Stupidity? Whatever the case may be, this one has the earmarking of a doozy of a tale, doesn’t it?

Sure is interesting. Sure feel sorry for whomever they did dirty. Maybe now the media will pick it up now that there are photos on the Crimewatch listings and a late March court date?

Here are the dockets:

yikes. west whiteland pd has an interesting white collar crime case, potentially?

So a few days ago I saw something on my CrimeWatch email regarding a husband and wife being charged in West Whiteland. White collar crimes. Not a drug deal gone bad, etc. White collar crime.

The name sat and sat in the back of my head. Until I remembered that this guy was a chiropractor. So what exactly did he and his wife do? Here are the dockets – guess they are in Florida now? All dockets are public record, by the way, including a federal court docket.

And there was more I found. It’s ALL public record. Nothing deep throat at all. But this is all for now.

I figure the media will pick up on this because it seems interesting. You don’t often see white collar crime stuff in the local Crime Watch listings. So we shall indeed see how this shakes out. I am guessing if you have anything relevant to add to West Whiteland’s case, tell them.

Over and out.