grimes v. immaculata act 2: immaculata responds

Immaculata is of course, innocent as the freshly fallen snow on a winter’s morn?

Sooo….Immaculata wants a jury trial? Wonder how many nuns they will pack the courtroom with when the time comes?

There was a Patch blip September 29th:

There was also the original Patch article after my initial post September 15th:

I have to say if you have ever been inside Immaculata where some of the professors have offices, I am still wondering why they think her office was in such bad shape when I can tell you I have been over there and was somewhat appalled by the offices I saw. And a lot of that has to do with how cell-like they were and very out of date and yes super duper cluttered.

According to the original complaint (see first post embedded above, it has the complaint):

(1) Grimes was chair of the art department until 2007 when it merged with English, literature, communications, and language. Grimes served as director of art programs.

(2) In February 2020, Immaculata stripped her of her title and gave her more responsibility without more pay.

(3) In the summer of 2022, university officials disposed of her personal belongings, research materials, artwork, and more.

Professor Grimes is an artist. Pieces of her art are among the things tossed. When they were tossing her office, was anyone else’s office getting tossed or was she just singled out?

Naturally and quite predictably, Immaculata’s hired legal guns have told a Federal Judge to basically toss out the poor professor’s case.

Here’s what I know about discrimination lawsuits: women don’t just file these willy nilly. They are hard. They are unpleasant. So I think (still) this case bears watching and I feel for this Professor Diane Grimes. We live in a society in this country that would not only sell a louse for it’s hide, but also ditch anyone middle aged in the work place if possible. Over 50 and female in the workplace, and even male is a precarious place to be.

Middle aged = expensive for employers does it not?

This whole case makes me sad. Immaculata should treat it’s employees better, male and female. I am allowed to have that opinion. Because if they did, there wouldn’t be litigation like this, would there be?

immaculata hit with federal law suit…my my my…

My goodness. It seems Immaculata is on the receiving end of a Civil Rights/Employment Discrimination suit from someone who appears to have (or have had) tenure and is (or was) a department head?

Oh yes, indeedy. Meet Grimes vs. Immaculata University (2:23-cv-03357 filed August, 2023)

Civil Rights. Employment. Federal.

I have been hearing rumblings about Immaculata for a couple of years. To be honest, it totally bums me out. I mean you don’t want them to become the next Cabrini, right?

Anywhooo I have a soft spot for artists and the woman who filed is an artist and professor. Diane Grimes. On LinkedIn is says she is (was?) chair of department unless I am misreading? But not on Immaculata’s website?

I also heard recently that Immaculata’s former head of nursing left for Gwynedd Mercy, so is there something going on? As the years have progressed, is it fair to say fewer Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are around and it’s more lay people in leadership? The nuns always ran a tight, happy ship, so perhaps the new world order at Immaculata is having growing pains? Considering the amount of acreage they own that could be sold off, sure hope not, right?

Diane Grimes is quite accomplished. I do not know her, but I know she exhibits her art, which is beautiful, and she is a published author.

Soooo I don’t know but it’s a thing waiting to happen I am sure. These suits aren’t easy and here is what is on PACER is below. Here’s wondering if the media will find this interesting and how long it will take for someone to say I am “bashing” Immaculata for posting this.

Academic drama popcorn, anyone?