usps is the new cvs in chester county (neither are open normally for business)

Frazer, Malvern, and Paoli United States Post Offices are suffering from staffing shortages these days JUST LIKE SO MANY OTHER BUSINESSES (including but not limited to CVS.)

If you have a small business and depend on the United States Postal Service you are pretty much screwed once again this holiday season. Of course USPS problems go beyond COVID-19 and staffing shortages. We have douche bag Postmaster General Louis De Joy to thank.

Here are some email addresses I dug up if you wish to try to contact them:

This was November 30th, Malvern, PA Post Office

I actually encourage everyone to email these people.

As a small business owner, I depend on USPS, UPS, and FedEx. They are all screwed up since COVID-19, but today I just finally reached my limit with the United States Postal Service.


Because Paoli, Malvern, and Frazer were all closed to counter and window service abruptly this afternoon due to staffing shortages. It’s ridiculous. NORMAL business hours. NO advance warning.

This is so freaking frustrating.

If you are a small business, or even just John Q. Public trying like a damn fool to mail your bills, mail Christmas cards or Christmas presents.

I am still grateful we have nice mail carriers, but we can’t pay them to ship at their US Mail Jeep, can we?

I am actually thinking of shutting down my orders until AFTER Christmas because of these issues.


lisa rocks! (and votes)

#VOTE (And she was at Frazer Post Office too!)

talk to the hand…


Sometimes you just need something funky.  I found something funky today.

Talk to the hand.

Sorry, I just crack myself up. But hey, it’s a great funky piece to hang jewelry when you are doing the dishes.  It’s a vintage glass jewelry display basically.  These were/are used for holding or displaying rings, watches, scarves, other jewelry items, and fashion accessories.  And for $10…. I splurged.

I was at Resellers in Frazer when I found the blue hand. I was loving on a couple of pieces of furniture and an oriental rug I have neither need nor room for (but ohhh that chair!):

They have a lot of cool stuff right now. I am glad they are still there considering all the upheaval around the shopping center where they are a tenant (you know like Beam’s Music, Frazer Dental, the Frazer Post Office, etc?) – here is what showed up on the Chester County Sheriff Sale Lists:

frazer shopping

Today I was told this wasn’t happening tomorrow, but who knows? Maybe there was a stay of execution?

And don’t you feel so incredibly sorry for all of the small business owners like Reseller’s there? To be in this not knowing?

I went noodling around and found this:

frazer bklnfsc


Sadly, this is almost perfect for development vultures if they have $8 Million lying around, right?

But please NO MORE MIXED USE APARTMENT TOWERS CARRIAGE HOMES PLASTIC TOWN HOUSES.  East Whiteland where this is located is full up. (In my humble opinion.)

There was this thing in Federal Court from March, 2018 – some sort of court order:

Order from judge (CLICK HERE TO READ)

It’s all public record.  According to a sign on the property the agent for Wells Fargo managing now is Metro Commercial.  According to some thing I found in a New York State (as in government) register, this local shopping center is owned by guys in Brooklyn NY.

fraz ny

When you plunk that Brooklyn address into Google what comes up is a little random. So it’s no wonder why not very much attention was ever paid to the shopping center, right? Out of sight, out of mind, cash the rent checks?

Anyway, back to talk to the hand…A fun little treat. Go visit Reseller’s . They are still open.  Just like the other businesses suffering through this along with the post office. It has also been hard on all of  them because the sign to the shopping center has literally been broken for months.  They were working on it today.

Nancy Drew over and out….talk to the hand….