so who is jessica florio and what does she stand for, really?

Oh I have questions about Jessica Florio. She’s on Honey Brook Borough Council. She’s running against State Senator Katie Muth who is now covering more of us in Chester County after re-districting or whatever. And this is the only person they could find to run against Katie Muth

There was the whole 1994 water issue.

Honey Brook is an odd duck of a municipality. There was that thing in 1996 about racism that was so truly ugly:

So then there is the whole name thing with her. Florio is her maiden name, Curtis her married name. What’s that all about? NOT KNOCKING DIVORCE, LIFE HAPPENS.

And the whole single mother thing that has been all over her campaign? NOT KNOCKING SINGLE MOTHERS, I HAVE KNOWN A FEW. What I am questioning is single mother implies no dad, but her daughter has a dad who appears to be very much in her life and re-married too? I don’t get it. Again, not knocking single parenthood or divorce, it just makes me wonder why she is pigeon holing herself, or allowing campaign wizards to do that? It’s 2022, if you are divorced it is hardly some proverbial scarlet letter, but maybe to spin doctors constantly saying “single mom” sounds better? Do they therefore describe all divorced women as “single moms”?

People say she lives with mom and dad? No issue with that, but is that really a struggling single mom, or just a divorced woman with something like shared custody? Is she actually still a teacher? And if her dad is the Florio (other Florio?) on Borough Council, good thing more family members aren’t on Honey Brook Borough Council because man, imagine a breakfast table quorum? (ROFLMAO I crack myself up, sorry…not sorry.)

Jessica has really been giving it to Katie Muth. Or her handlers have. But where I had enough today was ANOTHER glossy mailer from Team Jessica. We have no Republican voters in our household at present, so why is the PA GOP wasting money on us? Or are they just spamming everyone in Senate District 44 “just in case”?

Below is who is giving Jessica money thus far (I guess, am never sure how up to date these sites are and who she has paid):

Oh and this whole thing about her “ethics complaint”? Other than running while seeming to pimp her daughter out on her website, where is she on ummm things? Important things? Specific things?

Jessica Florio, let’s start right at the top: where are you on a woman’s right to choose?

Jessica Florio, where are you on things phobic including but not limited to transphonic, homophobic, etc?

Jessica Florio, where do you stand on drag queens? (I figure since the Republican Committee of Chester County made them a campaign season issue, might as well ask, right?)

Jessica Florio, where are you on burning books and things affecting school districts as a purported teacher and all? Oh and where did you teach? Where do you teach? (Usually when you see a teacher running for office you see where they work.) When I went noodling on the state site for looking up teachers this is what I found:

So Jessica if you are charter/cyber charter school teacher, where are you on these schools and giving them funding? Fair question since a lot of politicians don’t like charter or cyber charter anything when it comes to schools.

Back to questions:

Jessica Florio where were/are you on COVID-19, COVID vaccines, masking vs. no masks?

Jessica Florio where are you on January 6, 2021?

Jessica, where do you stand on pipelines like Mariner East/SuNOco/Energy Transfer?

Jessica where do you stand on issues facing FARMERS ?

I mean come on now Jessica, we need a little more depth than the BS you gave fake news outlets like Broad & Liberty or Uwchlan Republicans, don’t we? I mean it’s not student council and you are giving out lollipops, or is it?

Found this about Jessica Florio, which of course begs more questions:

Funny tweets from the Muth campaign which makes you wonder how The Daily Local and Mercury will check all the election season letters to the editor to see if they are actually real or not, right? Anyway see below:

Yeah so Jessica has lots to say about Katie Muth because she supports a woman’s right to choose, which means no matter what their choice is, so let’s get real about that, supporting freedom of choice isn’t so narrow as some make it seem, right?

And oh wait….Jessica Florio is also a Stepford Wife for Totalitarianism? How darling!

In true GOP fashion, because a woman just can’t be herself, it seems like they have been slowly making Jessica Florio over:

And she fan girls too:

So look, maybe Jessica Florio wouldn’t be a bad candidate if she was more than a Trumpublican GOP wind up doll. But she has nothing to say, and what you hear out her own community is not quite flattering. And Honey Brook? Well let’s just say some pretty farms and oddly run borough? But again I ask, this is the only viable Republican candidate for State Senate out of this huge district? It’s fascinating, truly. And a little bit of a horror show.

Oh and if teaching or politics doesn’t work, there is always Scentsy, right?

Jessica Florio, who are you, really?

who does pennsylvania governor tom wolf listen to when it comes to pipelines?

I am starting with P.K. Ditty’s video of today. It captures everything.  And everything includes the fact that in my opinion today was just a photo op for Governor Tom Wolf and some of his lady supporters in Harrisburg who ummm, shall we say aren’t so beloved by their Chester County and Delaware County constituents at present over pipelines? Come on now ladies, you know who you are and I even like two of you personally  (the third I do not respect at all) but I think all three of you (Democrats incidentally) are doing a crap job of representing residents on pipelines, alrighty?  Don’t be like Tom Wolf’s Political Andrews Sisters  (sorry not sorry, feeling politically sarcastic today.)

This was total BS what this event became. We all know it did not start that way correct?

Here is what went out August 22 from two local state reps which did NOT announce today, but I think sets a stage of political puffery:


Translation? GIANT PUBLICITY STUNT.  I am hearing they are great at dodge ball with residents?  Because this is really about what? Perhaps it is really about Governor Tom Wolf getting them re-elected so they can support the fakakta thing called Restore PA, AKA another hall pass for pipelines at the expense of residents?

Fakakta means something silly or ridiculous and a a word used to describe something that is not working well or is really crap.  (It’s also a great description to apply to pipelines.)

State Senators Andy Dinniman and Daylin Leach listen to the residents on pipelines and they care. State Representatives Carolyn Committa and Kristine Howard showed up and I don’t quite no what else to say except I am massively disappointed in both of them over this. People are asking if Katie Muth actually showed up? And some other State Senator was there apparently.  His name is Tim Kearney. Daylin Leach was there so one would have thought State Senator Katie Muth would have at least shown up to say how awful he is or something? (She’s good at that, right?)

Today in my opinion was yet another GIANT PUBLICITY STUNT. (And I am not pointing fingers at the State Senators who were there, to be clear.)  Affected residents wanted to sit down and talk to our Governor.  OUR GOVERNOR. AS IN IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT PENNSYLVANIANS EQUALLY. BUT DOES HE? HA! THAT WILL BE THE DAY….

Residents didn’t ask to stand in the heat and basically do the whole Oliver Twist  “Please sir, I want some more” and beg for freaking gruel, did they?


With regard to the timing and planning of today’s political gymnastics or mini-circus, I found out this morning Wolf would be at the Giant parking lot on Boot Road in West Chester at 2 pm today.  I heard certain media were informed by the Governor personally at some other appearance in Horsham this morning. But other media weren’t told? How does that work exactly? Word of mouth? No real press release? Top secret public location? Spy vs. Spy? I had a LOT of friends there. Friends who are directly affected by Energy Transfer/SuNOco/Mariner East Pipelines every. damn. day.




I don’t need to do a complete recitation of the problems with this pipeline, they are well known and well documented at this point, aren’t they?  As human beings, we are at RISK. Our families are at RISK. Our wells are at RISK. Our properties are at RISK.  Our elected officials and public officials and agencies know this and yet….MOST DO NOTHING, correct?



Today was a scripted appearance.  Is it true that even media were restricted on questions or they weren’t supposed to ask questions? Were babies kissed? Did Lot’s wife turn into a pillar of salt? Oy vey so many questions I have and my political sarcasm cup runneth over today….but I digress.

My friend Ginny Kerslake, a pipeline affected resident speaking with Governor Wolf

I spoke with my friend Ginny after and this is what she said:

“Several residents had the chance to tell their stories of how Mariner East construction has impacted them and their neighbors and share their concerns for the safety of their families and communities, asking Governor Wolf to halt Mariner East.”

I also touched base with my friend Tom Casey who had this to say about this afternoon:

“I expected nothing less than what happened today. The Governor listened to impacted residents, but didn’t hear them. I have also never met a politician where you literally have to negotiate the terms of a handshake.”

I wonder what that certain East Goshen Supervisor was doing there? He is certainly not halting the march of Adelphia Gateway is he? BUT he sure do love his sound bytes right? Dude, if you wish to be a man of the people then you have to actually be a man of the people, ok?

And speaking of East Goshen what is with the two mass mailing a couple of days apart of  Dear Occupant letters coming from SuNOco but says it is from East Goshen? It has to do with the 24 hour continual drilling and they will apparently pay for people to leave their homes while they do it? Sounds like quite the offer so what happens when no residents are around to bear witness?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I find today’s event to be a study in confusion and contradiction. So was it just supposed to be a lovey dovey photo op that went bad?

The first media article I am sharing is by Bill Rettew from The Daily Local with Pete Bannan photos. (And yes, I do pay for online subscriptions to the Daily Local, Philadelphia Inquirer, and The New York Times.)

Daily Local:  Wolf visits pipeline construction site
BILL RETTEW 1 hr ago

The governor was a changed man.

Gov. Tom Wolf smiled often during a recent walking tour of West Chester Borough. On that tour he told pipeline foes that he would soon tour the pipeline construction site.

Wolf kept to his word, Thursday, and met about 100 residents and fellow elected officials within feet of the Sunoco/Energy Transfer Mariner East pipeline route.

The governor received some applause when he stopped to listen and talk. He was surrounded five deep and sometimes talked in little more than a whisper.

That trademark smile was gone. The governor did not give those impacted by pipelines much to smile about either when he definitively said several times that he would not halt construction.

The press and media were not notified about the event.

Ginny Kerslake, of West Whiteland Township, nailed the governor down about the visit. She had personally asked him three times to come and see for himself….

Wolf asked Kerslake how he could change. She said living near a pipeline was like playing Russian roulette.

Kerslake said after the visit that Wolf “finally” showed up.

The governor said he agrees with several pipeline bills, but they would not impact the Mariner East.

“This is not what we were asking for,” Kerslake said. “We want to talk about what’s going to happen to this pipeline.”

The second article is from Jon Hurdle at State Impact PA:

State Impact PA AUGUST 22, 2019 | 6:04 PM
Wolf tells pipeline activists he won’t shut down Mariner East
Governor defers to Public Utility Commission on pipeline safety
by Jon Hurdle

Gov. Tom Wolf told anti-pipeline activists on Thursday that he is not going to stop construction or operation of Sunoco’s Mariner East pipelines.

At a rare face-to-face meeting with opponents at a pipeline construction site in East Goshen Township, Chester County, Wolf was repeatedly urged to shut down the pipeline until public safety can be assured.

But he disappointed activists by stating clearly that he would not do so.

Eve Miari, an organizer of the event, said Wolf’s statement was the first time he had gone on the record saying clearly that he would not shut down the line because of safety concerns…..Six people who live near the cross-state pipeline, plus a supervisor for East Goshen Township, took turns pressing that case to Wolf….“My question to you now, Governor Wolf, is will you halt Mariner East now?” Kerslake said. “We do not have a credible and practical plan to protect us in the event of a leak.”….Rosemary Fuller, a resident of nearby Middletown Township, said her private well has been contaminated with fecal coliform and e-coli as a result of the recent horizontal directional drilling near her house.

Fuller tearfully told Wolf that the contaminated water creates more problems for her husband, who has cancer, and her son, who has a compromised immune system.

Pennsylvania Politics is in full flower again.  At the expense of residents. Bottom line? ANY politician that supports pipelines over people needs to GO and that includes the ones who never answer directly, don’t really return phone calls and play possum, and who act all supportive when it is most self-serving.

Of course Tom Wolf won’t shut down the pipelines. 

Yes I am disgusted.  Today at the end of the day was COMPLETE B.S.

Rant over. (for now)