memories of a farm


One of the cool things about blogging is you never know who you will reach. On June 5th I wrote a post about the death of a farm. It is the farm being turned into a development on White Horse Road by Orleans.

Today I was contacted by the granddaughter of the man who once owned the farm. Her message was simple and lovely:

I have some wonderful photos, as this was my Grandfather’s farm. I’ll be happy to share……here is an aerial shot. My mother and I believe this was taken by my father, likely in 1973-1975.

We think this because the tennis courts are still there next to the pool, and all the people standing around almost seem as if they’re ‘waiting’ for the fly-over. (I’ll have to ask my Dad what he remembers before I can give you a definitive answer…)

Thank you for noticing the farm and for mentioning it in your blog. It was a magical place for me as a child and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Above is the first photo, an aerial shot many years old. It shows the farm in all it’s former glory. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks Amanda for sharing your photos and memories.