what is with this boarded up place in phoenixville?

phoenixvilleI have apparently channeled my inner bubble head and can’t remember WHERE exactly this is in Phoenixville, only it may NOT actually be the borough.  It is on Route 29.  The nice man at the Phoenixville Historical Society seems to think it is in neighboring Schuylkill Township.

Anyone know anything?  I have heard conflicting stories. Some people say it is historic, others say not historic, just abandoned but some family still owns the land.  I have heard it may have had a retail use at one time too.

Just one of those curiously abandoned structures that litter Chester County.  I figure all of them have a story.

I still do not get how people abandon their land and stuff just is allowed to rot. Sorry the photos are odd, every time I see this place I am a passenger in a car and I have to snap quickly with phone camera….


fatal crash on route 29 in charlestown

As I learn my way around Chester County, one of the things I have been doing is travelling back roads…including ones which lead to Phoenixville.

So this morning when I saw the teaser of an accident on Route 29 on Malvern Patch, I thought “uhh ohh”.

And it wasn’t just uhh ohh, it’s a fatality.

There are so many cool roads in Chester County, but a lot are windy and narrow.  I have noticed when doing these Phoenixville jaunts that drivers become impatient when you actually try to do the speed limit.  And a lot of people have a hard time staying on their sides of windy roads at times.

Here’s what Malvern  Patch and state police are saying thus far and stay tuned to Malvern Patch for updates:

Police & Fire

SUV, PennDOT Truck Involved in Fatal Crash on Route 29

State Police have not released the name of the deceased driver, pending next-of-kin notification.

By Pete Kennedy   Email the author  11:04 am

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a fatal two-vehicle  accident that occurred on Route 29 just north of the turnpike in  Charlestown Township around 7 a.m. Wednesday.


The driver of a  black Ford Explorer was killed in the crash. Police are withholding the identity of the deceased, pending next-of-kin notification.


The  other vehicle involved in the crash was a PennDOT “crew cab,” a  heavy-duty pickup truck. The three passengers in the PennDOT truck have  been taken to Paoli Hospital with unspecified, non-life-threatening injuries.


The SUV was headed south and the PennDOT truck was headed north when the crash occurred, according to Cpl. Weid of the PSP.