oh phoenixville? spellcheck much?


I was hunting around for fireworks schedules for July 4th and stumbled upon the Phoenixville Borough website.  I am providing an EXACT screen shot of the page as of right now (5:49 pm 6/29/15) because I know without a doubt they will correct it at some point because it is such a d’oh moment….for an “official” government website.

Holy Spellcheck

Ummm dear Borough Manager E. Jean Krack? When your website and administrative wizards are not doing basic spellcheck and has been sitting like this for quite a while… well….unfortunately your inner former Coatesville City Manager self is showing…..again….Jeez ….and so NO ONE thinks I played photo shop with this, here is a time current screen shot without the highlights:

spellcheck 2

what is with this boarded up place in phoenixville?

phoenixvilleI have apparently channeled my inner bubble head and can’t remember WHERE exactly this is in Phoenixville, only it may NOT actually be the borough.  It is on Route 29.  The nice man at the Phoenixville Historical Society seems to think it is in neighboring Schuylkill Township.

Anyone know anything?  I have heard conflicting stories. Some people say it is historic, others say not historic, just abandoned but some family still owns the land.  I have heard it may have had a retail use at one time too.

Just one of those curiously abandoned structures that litter Chester County.  I figure all of them have a story.

I still do not get how people abandon their land and stuff just is allowed to rot. Sorry the photos are odd, every time I see this place I am a passenger in a car and I have to snap quickly with phone camera….