hey there chester county! pay it forward for st. agnes day room.

St. Agnes Day Room in West Chester serves the community selflessly.  They have been helping people in need since 1992 and they need your help.

What is prompting pointing out St. Agnes?  A note I received from a friend:

Michele Truitt  is doing a FOOD DRIVE for St. Agnes Day Room.  St. Agnes is seeing all time high numbers of kids in their day camp (feeding 80+ children breakfast & lunch every day, many of them are part of the district meal program during the school year) & the noon time meal program (130+ most days!). The needs are great during these last months of summer when people are not thinking “food drive”.

If you are in a position to help them out, please feel free to call them directly to see what you can do for them this week (610-429-0697-Barb Kirby is the director), OR you can start dropping off contributions at   RE/MAX PREFERRED 1595 Paoli Pike, West Chester.   Many thanks for your consideration in making a contribution to this fine organization, or any of the other groups that help the people in our community!

Michele Truitt, whom I do not know, is the wife of State Rep. Dan Truitt.   Her note to her friends was:

Hi everyone!
As I did last year, I am asking everyone to please consider lending a hand to one of WC’s great charitable organizations-St. Agnes Day Room. I know times are tough for us all, but so many of us are truly blessed even in this tough economy. St. Agnes is seeing all time high numbers of kids in their day camp (feeding 80+ children breakfast & lunch every day, many of them are part of the district meal program during the school year) & the noon time meal program (130+ most days!). The needs are great during these last months of summer when people are not thinking “food drive”.
IF you are in a position to help them out, please feel free to call them directly to see what you can do for them this week (610-429-0697-Barb Kirby is the director),

If you are in a position to donate cash, checks can be made payable to St. Agnes Day Room & sent to them directly or dropped off.


One of my friends in Narberth runs a food bank, and through First Friday Main Line, have worked on food drives to collect food for ElderNet in Bryn Mawr.

With regard to food, they should have a list on their website, but they do not (or I can’t find it).  Here is some of what they do:

  • 11,000 Breakfasts served – The poor and homeless receive a light breakfast and are able to begin their days in a caring and welcoming environment.
  • 18,000 Hot lunches served – Nourishing hot lunches provide sustenance and comfort to the most vulnerable in our community.
  • 3,000 Bags of groceries distributed to families in need – Our food pantry provides groceries to many hard working families and the elderly who cannot make ends meet.

If you are a farm, contact St. Agnes and ask them what they could use.  If you are a home gardener with extra fresh veggies or fruits, why not just contact St. Agnes and drop them off?  If you want to donate other things, think non-perishables – Parmalat milk (that doesn’t require refrigeration until opening), and here is a list from Narberth’s food bank that might help:

Most Needed Items

  • Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk,Pamalat milk
  • Canned tuna, chicken, and turkey
  • Mac and cheese
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cat and dog food
  • Canned fruit
  • Rice
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Jar tomato sauce
  • Cereal
  • Granola bars
  • Soup

Narberth Food Bank also asks for things like basics for the household – soap (to wash with), dish soap, clothing soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper.

I have contacted St. Agnes for a list that is current to their needs and will post when I receive it.


being discussed in chester county: pennsylvania and politics of the uterus

I am going to wade into uncomfortable waters in conservative Chester County.  I found a post on the Phoenixville Patch that is worth discussing.  It is by a woman name Lisa Longo.  Apparently Politics of the Uterus is the key to 2012 politics in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Here is an excerpt:

Blog: What is the GOP Thinking? And Why Are They in My Uterus?

I have to say, I never expected the GOP to so totally torpedo itself.

How could they have mishandled everything to this extent? First they unleash their extreme caucus, also known as the “tea” “party,” which leads to the birth of the Occupy Movement. Then they decide to take the party right off the cliff by picking a fight with women, and not just any one woman, they made ALL of us angry over the non-issue (to women) on their issue of contraception in health care.

And now some State Legislators are attempting to pass heinous, invasive and unconstitutional bills that will insist a woman be given a mandatory ultrasound prior to abortion. It is beyond offensive….

Which brings me to another interesting movement born recently, the call for a nationwide day of protest in state capitals. Karen Teegarden had an idea, to bring women together and raise our voices and let legislators know we have had enough. What started as the We are Women march has now become the United Against the War on Women March, and it is going to be one amazing day of nationwide protests. More info at: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/UniteWomen?sk=wall

This day of national protest will be our message to the GOP: stop assaulting my rights! And to tell you the truth, I feel constantly assaulted by the GOP. Starting with my arrest at the first Tar Sands, and the constant fight to get the FRAC Act passed, the repeated fight to stop the Keystone XL, the cuts to education, health and welfare, and now this, the final insult, they want to take away my right to control my own body…..The bill in PA is scheduled for a March 12 vote. Between now and then we need a fast, and furious, campaign, to make sure the GOP is put on notice: vote yes on this bill and we will do everything we can to make sure you are not re-elected. It is time to explain to legislators in no uncertain terms that the GOP has no business in my uterus.

What a woman chooses to do with her own body is a personal matter and neither legislators, or men in clerical (methinks the Catholic Church needs to deal with it’s out of control and pedophile priests before they open their mouths further) or judicial robes should decide what is best for her.  My choices as a woman are not necessarily the ones another woman would take, and while among female friends we might discuss what we do, that is not to say we presume to tell other women what to do with their bodies.

And yes, I am Catholic and I am a registered Republican.  My views are my business, but I do not feel any of us have the right to tell other women what to do unless they are abusing a privilege.

Perhaps I would not have a feeling on this if I were not a breast cancer survivor. But I am.  And as a survivor of not yet a year I can tell you sometimes it bugs me when non-medical professionals who are not of my inner circle or family presume too far in telling me what to do.  It’s a walk a mile in my bra kind of thing. Don’t play politics of the uterus – which incidentally did not work so well for monster charity Susan G. Komen recently, did it?

As a woman, it is hard to get the medical treatment you want at times, even with health insurance.  I think that politically driven legislation like HB 1077 in the PA House is dangerous to women’s health initiatives overall.  Already there is enough we can’t get coverage for on a regular basis as a woman.

Not all women are meant to be mothers.  Not all women can afford to be mothers.  Life and medical issues precluded me from being able to bear children.  Yet I do not feel as a woman I have the right to judge other women in this area.  Unless of course they treat their kids like litters of stray kittens dumped in a box on the side of the road.  Then I might have something to say just because as someone unable to have their own children I am astounded when women do not recognize how lucky they were to be able to choose to become a parent.

Anyway, the furor over HB 1077 grows.  Bills like this reduce all women to being mindless brood mares.  It is also because of legislation like this that yes, movements like Unite Against The War on Women and We Are Women March- PA (and other states) are growing.  Much like the protests of the 1960s and 1970s, I feel these protests are going to be monsters.  And are they all wrong?

Any discussion, here?  I am irked that as someone who needs routine ultrasounds of all kinds that I have to jump through AMAZING hoops for approvals  and proper codes with health insurance, yet a politically driven bill like this means that women who might not CHOOSE to have an ultrasound will get one whether they want one or not!

The primary sponsor of this bill is ironically a woman.  Kathy L. Rapp.

Here are the rest of the sponsors:


















Adolph is Delaware County and serves part of Radnor Township.  Truitt is Chester County. Lawrence is Chester County.  Schroder is Chester County. Hennessy is Chester County.  Barrar is Chester County. Kllion is Chester County.

Dan Truitt has two websites I found.  One for campaign and one for “state-related” matters.  John Lawrences also has two websites.  The campaign website where he tells you how he will fight for affordable healthcare and his state spot. Check out the rest of the Chesco kids on this helpful page called Chester County PA Legislators.

I found a website called Chester County Politics which may have some politician info on it – haven’t delved into it, did not know it existed until today.


no, east goshen residents don’t want to have THAT kind of glow.

In a prior post about doings in Chester County, I touched upon a very scary thing: the discovery of radioactive materials in trash that they are saying came from the Hershey’s Mill City-State in East Goshen/West Chester:

Radioactive material came from West Chester trash

Published: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 By Daily Local News Staff

NORRISTOWN — The Department of Environmental Protection is asking anyone who knows the history of an antique medical kit found in a West Chester trash bin to contact the agency’s Bureau of Radiation Protection.
“The radioactive material may have been contained in the kit for more than 80 years,” Bureau Director David Allard said. “The metal box likely came from a basement, an attic or a collector’s stash. Anyone who tampered with it or stored it for a long time may have been exposed to high levels of radiation.”
The material was found Jan. 19, when a load of construction debris set off radiation alarms at Waste Management Inc.’s Norristown transfer station. The company deployed a health physicist to recover the radioactive material, identified as approximately one curie of radium-226. Exposure to one curie of radium-226 is equivalent to having more than 100 CT scans at once, and it has the potential to create skin burns within a few hours of contact. …DEP health physicists worked with Waste Management to properly evaluate and store the radium, and traced its source to a roll-off container that had come from the Hershey’s Mill retirement community in West Chester.
The radium-226 was contained in four capsules inside a small lead safe marked “Radium Chemical Co., Inc.” The safe and some antique surgical equipment were stored inside a larger, locking metal box, which had been pried open.

DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX! (Credit: William Bender The Daily Delco Philly.com)

Ok, so look, this is the stuff that freaks people out with good reason – it’s very, very dangerous to handle this stuff, be exposed, knowingly or unwittingly expose others.  Take me for example: I am a breast cancer survivor of eight months yesterday.  However, it has not yet been enough time since I finished my treatment that I am even allowed to be near anything that smacks of radiation, or even get my teeth x-rayed.

So naturally, given my personal experience I think of all those people living in Hershey’s Mill, some of whom are say, bound to be people being treated for something where exposure to radiation could be potentially very harmful to them?

No one knows where this stuff came from, and my guess is some resident in Hershey’s Mill forgot they had something like that and chucked it.  Of course, can it be considered that someone thought no one would check all the trash cans and receptacles inside the City-State compound that is Hershey’s Mill and dumped it there?

Either way, it’s no joke.  If someone knows something, pick up the phone and contact the authorities.  This is not something to look the other way on. NBC10 and other media sources are saying the DEP is now in on this.  West Chester Patch discusses it HERE.

Here’s hoping Hershey’s Mill can shed some light on this….after all the great, expansive boundaries of Hershey’s Mill touch other residential areas and I am hoping they are going to be really good neighbors here.  Even State Rep. Dan Truitt (whomever he is, haven’t had the pleasure of an introduction) has put out an alert on this.

I am not trying to be an oh-my-God alarmist here, but seriously?  This is not the warm glow anyone wants or needs.

Here is what Bill Bender from The Daily News has to say about this in his Philly.com blog The Daily Delco:

           It’s not every day we get a press release like this:

The state Department of Environmental Protection is seeking information about an antique medical kit found last month at Waste Management Inc.’s Norristown transfer station. Why? Because it contained enough radium to melt your face off. OK, not that much, but a lot…..”One curie” doesn’t sound like much to me. Oh wait, according to the DEP, direct exposure to the radium could lead to skin burns within hours and would be like “having more than 100 CT scans at once.”

In other words, it’s almost as good as the acid being sold at Drexel these days.

Here’s what East Goshen has sent out to residents: