trails are for illegal dumping ?

Biker Finds Hidden Garbage Dump in Mont Clare; Its contents include chemical waste.

ByTom Sunnergren  Email the author

On a mountain biking trek last week, a Phoenixville Patch reader discovered a large garbage dump off a trail near 330 Lovers Lane in Mont Clare.

The trash pile is in an oblong ditch—roughly 35 feet deep and 50 feet across—and contains, based on one incomplete inventory, tires of various sizes, oil and anti-freeze containers, a toilet, a television, couch cushions, sheet wood, 2X4s, Gatorade and soda bottles, the seat of a car, and countless other discarded chemicals and plastics.

A narrow trail leads away from the ditch and to a small concrete parking space where a backhoe with a shattered windshield sits. The trail appears to be wide enough for the backhoe to drive up and down it, though the trail doesn’t appear to have been driven on recently.

The reader reported the dump to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection via an online form after he discovered it, but is yet to hear any word from the agency.

Yes, Phoenixville Patch is reporting that a biker on a trail in Mont Clare, which is Montgomery County/Upper Providence Township, found a mini toxic waste dump.  This is on the opposite bank of the Schuylkill.

A commenter on the site is urging everyone to report this so it gets cleaned up.  As in complain to the DEP and Upper Providence.   I say report this to TV stations and ask for coverage to ensure it is not only cleaned up, but cleaned up correctly and completely.

So I looked online to see if any other media was covering this and other than something in the Pottstown-Mercury about kids from North Coventry looking for crawfish in the Schuykill and swimming who found guns instead. That was in the area of the Keim Street Bridge.   Ok also bad, and were they decontaminated after being in the river? And who the heck lets their kids swim in the river?

Back to the dumping.  This is serious business. Good job to Tom Sunnergren of Patch for covering it.  Of course I had no idea the other Patch editor for Phoenixville had left.

 A fun fact about Mont Clare according to Wikipedia is it is the birthplace of the outlaw Sundance Kid.



no, east goshen residents don’t want to have THAT kind of glow.

In a prior post about doings in Chester County, I touched upon a very scary thing: the discovery of radioactive materials in trash that they are saying came from the Hershey’s Mill City-State in East Goshen/West Chester:

Radioactive material came from West Chester trash

Published: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 By Daily Local News Staff

NORRISTOWN — The Department of Environmental Protection is asking anyone who knows the history of an antique medical kit found in a West Chester trash bin to contact the agency’s Bureau of Radiation Protection.
“The radioactive material may have been contained in the kit for more than 80 years,” Bureau Director David Allard said. “The metal box likely came from a basement, an attic or a collector’s stash. Anyone who tampered with it or stored it for a long time may have been exposed to high levels of radiation.”
The material was found Jan. 19, when a load of construction debris set off radiation alarms at Waste Management Inc.’s Norristown transfer station. The company deployed a health physicist to recover the radioactive material, identified as approximately one curie of radium-226. Exposure to one curie of radium-226 is equivalent to having more than 100 CT scans at once, and it has the potential to create skin burns within a few hours of contact. …DEP health physicists worked with Waste Management to properly evaluate and store the radium, and traced its source to a roll-off container that had come from the Hershey’s Mill retirement community in West Chester.
The radium-226 was contained in four capsules inside a small lead safe marked “Radium Chemical Co., Inc.” The safe and some antique surgical equipment were stored inside a larger, locking metal box, which had been pried open.

DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX! (Credit: William Bender The Daily Delco

Ok, so look, this is the stuff that freaks people out with good reason – it’s very, very dangerous to handle this stuff, be exposed, knowingly or unwittingly expose others.  Take me for example: I am a breast cancer survivor of eight months yesterday.  However, it has not yet been enough time since I finished my treatment that I am even allowed to be near anything that smacks of radiation, or even get my teeth x-rayed.

So naturally, given my personal experience I think of all those people living in Hershey’s Mill, some of whom are say, bound to be people being treated for something where exposure to radiation could be potentially very harmful to them?

No one knows where this stuff came from, and my guess is some resident in Hershey’s Mill forgot they had something like that and chucked it.  Of course, can it be considered that someone thought no one would check all the trash cans and receptacles inside the City-State compound that is Hershey’s Mill and dumped it there?

Either way, it’s no joke.  If someone knows something, pick up the phone and contact the authorities.  This is not something to look the other way on. NBC10 and other media sources are saying the DEP is now in on this.  West Chester Patch discusses it HERE.

Here’s hoping Hershey’s Mill can shed some light on this….after all the great, expansive boundaries of Hershey’s Mill touch other residential areas and I am hoping they are going to be really good neighbors here.  Even State Rep. Dan Truitt (whomever he is, haven’t had the pleasure of an introduction) has put out an alert on this.

I am not trying to be an oh-my-God alarmist here, but seriously?  This is not the warm glow anyone wants or needs.

Here is what Bill Bender from The Daily News has to say about this in his blog The Daily Delco:

           It’s not every day we get a press release like this:

The state Department of Environmental Protection is seeking information about an antique medical kit found last month at Waste Management Inc.’s Norristown transfer station. Why? Because it contained enough radium to melt your face off. OK, not that much, but a lot…..”One curie” doesn’t sound like much to me. Oh wait, according to the DEP, direct exposure to the radium could lead to skin burns within hours and would be like “having more than 100 CT scans at once.”

In other words, it’s almost as good as the acid being sold at Drexel these days.

Here’s what East Goshen has sent out to residents:

uncle chickenman needs YOU

No man nor chicken are an island.  I don’t know who Chickenman of West Vincent is, but ya’ know what?  He puts it out there.  He seems to get from my estimation from afar that the truth is his best defense.  Chickenman also gets the joke that people only have as much power over you as you allow them to.  That goes for local government types too.

So I am going to post his latest West Vincent Infos e-mail below.  So why can’t some helpful citizen help a chicken out?  Surely someone maybe has or can take some photos from a public viewpoint about this manure runoff and send them to the Chickenman?  You all seem to be better for his courage, so help a chicken out.   I don’t have the lay of the land, so it needs to be a West Vincent regular.

He puts it on the line for all of you and the betterment of the community, right? So help a chicken out.

Of course the easiest thing would be for this Supervisor Miller to fix his poo piles and lead by positive example, right? But I am naiive to these pooing doings in West Vincent, so am I hoping for too much?  Or he’ll just say there are no poo problems at all?  Or maybe Lower Merion transplant Supervisor Brown could encourage the end of the pooing doings by just getting it done? I mean didn’t some of you tell me some of the land farmed on by Supervisor Miller is in a sense owned by We The People of West Vincent?

Here’s what he is clucking about today:

Continuing with the DEP Report on Ken Miller:

The report mentions a storm drain near the exposed manure pile that appeared to be clean of any contamination. Whether contaminated water makes it into that drain or not does not mean that the water isn’t flowing downhill.

Whenever it rains, there is runoff from the Miller Farm that flows across the street (Horseshoe Trail). This has been observed in any heavy rain. This runoff from the manure pile and Miller’s barn area carries the contaminants to the downward sloping field across the street (where Miller’s veal calves are located). That effluent then goes DIRECTLY to the Birch Run at the bottom of the hill, entering the “exceptional value stream”. There are ways to resolve this issue but apparently Ken Miller doesn’t feel it is necessary, even while he is embraced by the environmentalists.

The report states: Discussions with Mr. Miller included the possible construction of a manure storage facility in the location of the pile that would be under roof and bermed to prevent exposure to stormwater runoff.

Followed by: Mr. Miller stated at the time of the inspection that he did not have a conservation plan and a manure management plan. Both plans are required for the storage of manure onsite.

Note where I have underlined. REQUIRED is the important word. It isn’t “recommended” or “like to see”, or “hope Miller would be a team player and do us a favor”. The word is REQUIRED. Why are these plans REQUIRED? To protect people downstream. That would be all the Birchrunville supporters. Again, Miller is delivering exactly what he thinks of you.

This report does not mention that Miller was in violation for the EXACT SAME THING between 12-18 months before. He is a repeat offender.

I noticed recently that there was a Conditional Use hearing for a resident (I believe the name was McKenzie) that wanted to install a pool and there was great concern that during a pump down of the pool water, there would be an issue of the chlorinated water getting into the Birch Run. Isn’t it funny that the greenies prefer raw sewage to chlorine? Sounds like a good shot of chlorine is just what the Birch Run needs to help clean up Miller’s contamination. Isn’t anyone living alongside this creek getting a bit concerned? Clare? Pam? Oh, that’s right, neither lives next to the Birchrun, so it doesn’t matter to them.
There’s more on this subject to come.
On a lighter note, here is a touch of chicken humor:

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