bird’s-eye view

I happened upon this house somewhere on the outskirts of Valley Forge Park.  Mind you I am still directionally challenged in my new county, but *SIGH* doesn’t this house seem to have a marvelous bird’s-eye view of the world?

another old house forgotten

How many of you have ever passed this rotting old house hanging out on the Lincoln Highway/Route 30/Lancaster Avenue?

Chester County needs to put some thoughts into their commercial corridors don’t they?  It’s not like the location is suited for residential, yet here and there these old houses sit and rot.  Some have sale signs on them, some are just rotting away by themselves.

What can be done with old buildings like this?  I am a realist and know full well that not every old house should be saved.  But some should.   And Chester County needs better planning in their commercial corridors.  Man  cannot live by strip mall alone……