radnor township commissioner named in litigation filed in chester county

THAT is quite the headline that appeared in the Legal Intelligencer this morning.

Gawthrop Greenwood Hit With Suit Alleging Lawyer Botched Plaintiffs’ Sexual Harassment Claims

“Threatening other plaintiffs that they would be lawyer-less if they did not settle,” the complaint said, “Larkin doggedly pressured plaintiffs to settle their claims, despite their express desire not to.”

August 14, 2023 at 06:00 AM

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What You Need to Know

  • A group of 11 Jane Does allege a former Gawthrop Greenwood attorney mishandled their sexual harassment claims against a university.
  • The plaintiffs filed suit against the firm and attorney John Larkin on Wednesday.
  • Larkin and a representative of the firm declined to comment.

West Chester law firm Gawthrop Greenwood is facing a legal malpractice lawsuit from a group of Jane Doe plaintiffs who accuse the firm of mishandling sexual harassment claims they brought against a university.

The 11 Jane Does filed their complaint Aug. 9, alleging then-Gawthrop lawyer John Larkin misled and pushed them to approve unfavorable settlements. The plaintiffs are represented by Elizabeth Bailey, of counsel at Grant & Eisenhofer in Wilmington, Delaware.

The complaint was first surfaced by Law.com Radar.

Larkin, now a lawyer with communications company Catalyst Experiential, declined to comment on the suit, as did a media representative for Gawthrop Greenwood.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs retained Gawthrop to represent them in their Title IX, employment and state law tort claims against a university where they were each students or employees. The university is not named due to confidentiality provisions in the settlement the parties eventually reached.

Larkin was the only attorney assigned to the case against the university, the complaint said.

The plaintiffs said in the complaint they told Larkin they wanted to maintain the ability to speak publicly about their allegations against the university and wanted the university to institute policy changes. They claimed Larkin expressed that any settlement would not require them to keep quiet about their experiences.

But instead of properly litigating the Jane Does’ cases, the plaintiffs assert, Larkin “pushed for fast and early resolution of the case, without regard for the impact that approach would have on each plaintiffs’ case values or whether the settlement ultimately reflected plaintiffs’ desires.”

(Complaint was posted by LegalIntellegencer.com )

I am kind of gobsmacked here. What University I wonder? He left a really good firm for a billboard company?

Here is Larkin’s LinkedIn:

Here is Larkin’s bio on Radnor Township’s website and if he has been with Catalyst as in yes that Catalyst the billboard company for over a year, why isn’t his Radnor Township politician/commissioner bio updated? He was formerly president of Radnor Commissioners, yes?

This is all very curious and very sad if true. This will be a get out the popcorn situation. And I have to tell you I was honestly surprised that Larkin left Gawthorp Greenwood for the billboard baron. Oh and you can look up the case in Chester County, but as of this afternoon sloppy prothonotary work meant a name misspelling.

Also again curious as to which University and are they local? OK People, I have absolutely nothing left to add except The School for Scandal is in Session in Radnor Township yet again…..