congratulations congresswoman-elect chrissie!

Chrissie Houlahan Campaign Photo

Yesterday was an election of historic proportions.

This morning we woke to a country that can be summed up and the media is summing up as “Divided We Stand”. The pendulum of power swung back and the Democrats took back Congress. Republicans retained control of the Senate.

I think to me, this historic day of voting is a referendum on how people feel about the current administration, like it or not. Some will term this instant gridlock, but I am going to choose a more positive sense of checks and balances.

In our area, we are sending four women to Congress: Chrissie Houlahan for us in the 6th, Mary Gay Scanlon in the new 5th, Madeline Dean in the 4th, and Susan Wild in the 7th. Read more about this in here on WHYY‘s website. Truthfully in the 5th district had Republican candidate Pearl Kim prevailed, it still would have been a win in my mind because she was a terrific and qualified candidate and I hope we haven’t heard the last of her in Pennsylvania.

Screen Capture from NBC10 Philadelphia

Overall, Americans are sending a historic number of women to Congress including two Native Americans.

According to an AP article on :

WASHINGTON (AP) – A record number of women were elected to the House on Tuesday, nearly two years after women spilled out into the streets of Washington and in cities across the country in defiance of the inauguration of President Donald Trump.As of early Wednesday, voters were on track to send at least 99 women to the House, surpassing the previous record of 84. According to data compiled by The Associated Press, 237 women ran for the House as major-party candidates this year.

….Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the Democrats who is considering the 2020 race, said that the two years since Trump ascended to the White House had ushered a new generation of women into public life.

“Women who had never run for anything stepped up to put their names on the ballot,” she said. “They ignored the party bosses who said they should wait their turn”

The fact that those of us in Chester County saw the 6th Congressional District flipped speaks volumes. That one seat, in and of itself shows how people are feeling post-2016. From a personal level, as a former life-long Republican until Trump became the nominee, this was the first time I ever voted for a Democrat for this Congressional District. And it has been my district for many years. Including when I lived in Lower Merion Township – you know a couple cycles of redistricting ago.

Chrissie Houlahan was my pick for Congress. As I said earlier this fall I thought we as voters had to be the change we wanted. I want change. Not more tired rhetoric. It’s time for more women in Congress and I wanted to start with my very own district in which I live. If that makes me a potential “enemy of the state” by some of my Republican friends, I am sorry you feel that way. But we can’t keep on the same trajectory as in my opinion it’s not sustainable. That is why I voted for Chrissie.

I also met Chrissie and spoke with her at length a few weeks ago. It was a non-political event where ironically her opponent was also a guest. Meeting her in person solidified my belief she was the best choice and would in fact, win.

I was right, and congratulations Congresswoman Elect Chrissie Houlahan.

Women as both voters and candidates have changed the political landscape overnight. I think that is fabulous. Here’s hoping for the best.

And all voters themselves regardless of party are to be congratulated. In the face of many things, including overwhelming negativity you all collectively shrugged off the cloak of apathy and voted. Good government requires our participation. We deserve better than political parties that tell us how we should be voting. In fact, it is the humble voter who should be dictating a little more what it is we want for our country and communities

This morning feels more peaceful. For the time being, the political attack ads from both parties are finally over. I am so glad they are at an end. This year they were uglier than ever.

Every new day, there comes a chance for a better world. Here’s hoping that the voters have spoken clearly enough that some in Washington actually start to listen.

I also hope now we can all start to calm down. I hope we can go back to being neighbors and friends and not adversaries of dueling political ideologies.

I will close with an article about the results within Pennsylvania as far as State House and State Senate. I will admit with some of the race results, that I am honestly surprised. Politics is always an unexpected game.

Enjoy this beautiful fall day devoid of political attack ads.

NOVEMBER 07, 2018

In Pa. legislature, at least nine Philly-area incumbents lose

Three other races are too close to call


PhillyVoice Staff

Republican incumbents Kate Harper, Tom Quigley, Rebecca Corbin, Eric Roe, James Santora, Duane Milne, Warren Kampf and Bud Cook – the only one from outside the Philly region – all fell to Democratic challengers. Democratic incumbents Mike Hanna and Bryan Barbin – neither from the Philly area – also lost.…In the Senate, local Republican incumbents Tom McGarrigle and John Rafferty also lost. 

All state Senate and House races are listed below. All vote tallies are unofficial