meanwhile in west chester borough there is a slight environmental issue on marshall drive…

⁦‪West Chester Residents of Marshall Drive in West Chester Borough said OIL was pumped out from somewhere and ran down street into the storm sewer? This is NOT really cleaned up is it?

So West Chester Borough who did this? Who is responsible for clean up? Does this look remediated? Do your storm sewers run to streams?

And people who reported it surmise given the amount that flowed down the street a contractor must have pumped it from a basement? So I guess that means they were removing an oil tank or an oil tank ruptured or something? Is that stuff supposed to be pumped into a street or is it supposed to be pumped into receptacles and removed? Does anyone know who this contractor was?

Also, because we’re talking about something that is petroleum what does that do to the road surface if it’s not cleaned up properly?

Here’s hoping this gets figured out in West Chester Borough, right?

My final comment is I am not saying accidents don’t happen. Accidents do happen but it’s all how you react to them and this looks a little messy.