so chester county prison, is it new math with the igor bolte escapes?

So Chester County Prison,

Regarding Igor the original escapee. I have to ask, why haven’t y’all mentioned his attempted escape in 2019? Yes, I found a docket from 2019 with an escape charge. Not just 2023.

So, what is this ? New math? Human error? Honest mistake? I can’t read?

Why can’t I find any coverage of the 2019 escape charge? It certainly begs the question of HOW MANY escapes attempted or otherwise have occurred from Chester County Prison? Has anyone asked the newly retired warden and perhaps his predecessors depending upon who is alive?

This is just insanity. WTF is going on in Chester County? You actually can’t blame District Attorney Deb Ryan because she took office in 2020. It was the 2019 election cycle that flipped the county to Democrat control, which means that there is plenty of blame to go around potentially politically.

So here we are on day 8 of the Brazilian version of Wile E Coyote on the loose. Who knew he would also expose the crazy underbelly of the prison too? Many thanks to one of my readers for the tip to check the court dockets on Igor.

I won’t hold my breath on substantive answers here. I am sure the AG will have y’all locked up tighter than a virgin on prom night.

Have a nice day.

A Pocopson Township man who spotted an escaped inmate in May is frustrated by the ongoing hunt for Cavalcante

John Cleare said he and his wife saw Igor Bolte walk through their property on May 19 after he fled from the Chester County Prison. Danelo Cavalcante used the same method as Bolte to escape last week.

by Vinny Vella Published Sep. 7, 2023, 11:23 a.m. ET

May 19 started out as a normal morning in the Chester County home of James and Jenna Cleare. Then an escaped inmate waltzed through their backyard.

Igor Bolte, 30, used a walking trail behind the Cleares’ home in Pocopson Township as part of his escape route from the Chester County Prison, located about a half-mile away. He was taken into custody minutes later, thanks in part to the couple, who called police and prison officials immediately after spotting Bolte.

The sighting unnerved them, James Cleare said in an interview Thursday, but they tried to put it out of their minds. Then a second, much more dangerous inmate, convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante, escaped last week using the exact same method as Bolte: shimmying up to the facility’s roof using a narrow wall in an exercise yard.

Unlike Bolte, Cavalcante travelled in the opposite direction after he escaped, heading away from the Cleares’ neighborhood along Pocopson Road.

Still, Cleare and his wife say they are exhausted by worry, tired of tracking overhead helicopters and listening to police scanners as the hunt for Cavalcante enters its eighth day.

“It’s a slap in the face, and it feels like it’s up to us to decide to move from the place where another guy could hop a fence and be in our backyard, in eyeline of our daughter,” Cleare, 40, said. “I respect law enforcement like anyone else, but with every press conference it’s just ‘Keep your eyes peeled,’ never mind that [Cavalcante] is getting more desperate.” Cleare said he and his wife weren’t notified by the prison that Bolte escaped in May until they came face-to-face with him on their property. In fact, Cleare said they didn’t learn Bolte’s identity until Tuesday, when The Inquirer published a story detailing the identical method that Bolte and Cavalcante used to flee the prison.