eagles 🦅 going to the super bowl !

On February 4th, 2018 the Philadelphia Eagles will meet the New England Patriots in Minnesota for Super Bowl 52.

Here is an article from Sports Illustrated:

We’re Going to the Stinkin’ Super Bowl’: Eagles, Patriots Punch Ticket for Minnesota

Did I watch the game?

I might be committing football sacrilege, but no.

I grew up with a father and mother who really weren’t sports minded. Except for perhaps the Army-Navy Game. That was a tradition they kept with friends when I was little, and I even remember as a small child attending a brutally cold Army-Navy Game at Veterans Stadium. I remember the din of the crowd, a sea of midshipmen and how cold I was.

I also remember going with my father when I was little to see one Saint Joe’s Prep football game. The Prep was his alma mater and they won the game. But again, my overwhelming memory was being freezing cold.

I remember going to Super Bowl and other football kinds of parties growing up, but to me it wasn’t very exciting because I don’t know the first thing about football. I still don’t really know the first thing about football.

I remember I tried really hard in 1980 to like football and better understand it when the Eagles were going to the Super Bowl that time. I even went to a Super Bowl party that winter of 1981.

The Eagles lost.

In 2004, I again tried really hard to like football better and understand the game better when the Eagles went to the Super Bowl in the winter of 2005 to face whom they are facing this time again – the New England Patriots. I watched the game.

The Eagles lost.

So yesterday? I didn’t watch.

The Eagles won.

Perhaps I should repeat my ignoring pattern for the Super Bowl? After all just because I’m not much of a football gal, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the hometown team, right?