the lost art of customer service

sleepyUPDATE: Sleepy’s reached out to me.  They are working with us and I will update post as needed

So we bought ourselves a new bed frame and mattress for Christmas.  The frame came without incident from – and they only had one delivery man on the truck that delivered.  And he bought every box up to the master bedroom cheerfully and carefully.  He was probably one of the NICEST delivery people I have ever dealt with.

The mattress experience was not so pleasant.  We ordered from Sleepy’s, which after my experience should be renamed Cranky’s.

As I told the Sleepy’s folks in an e-mail:

So we just bought a rather expensive mattress from you and the customer experience on delivery was enough to not ever use your company again and encourage others also NOT to patronize you.

The delivery was timely, but upon arrival delivery man #1 announced my new mattress was frozen, so it would not be able to take it up to the master bedroom (2 sets of stairs, 7 steps a piece).

What he wanted to do was dump my new expensive mattress in the front hall and block everything.

When he came into the house he complained about everything. Considering I was a paying customer I found that offensive. In another home when I used 1-800-Mattress they moved a bed frame, mattress, and box spring up an incredibly steep and narrow staircase and down a hall without a complaint.  And set everything up and removed another bed damaged in the move.

Your delivery man #1 then called your office, and basically I asked the woman what Sleepys was going to do for me and the answer was nothing.  “Well you got free delivery” she said in a horriblly accented voice like that should make it all better.

After much complaining delivery man #1 along with delivery man #2 (who was very nice) moved my new expensive mattress to the second floor hall.

Now while I get the gel stuff in the mattress caused it to freeze and couldn’t go up to master bedroom, the fact that I had to push to get them to do partial placement was ridiculous!

And I will note that I along with someone else had managed to move heavy dressers, a bed frame, and a large and heavy area rug up those two sets of 7 steps without complaint.

I have never seen a perfect mattress delivery, but at least my other experiences with other companies meant not feeling offended after spending a pretty penny. For the first time ever in my life I did not tip delivery personnel. But I was not going to tip after feeling offended and being given a hard time.

Again, I get the mattress was frozen and couldn’t be placed on the bed, but I should not have had to work SO hard to get the mattress part way to its final location when all I was talking about was a straight shot up 7 short stairs!

I have learned a valuable lesson that your company only cares about the customer up to the point you take our money.

A friend of mine who owns a business driven by customer service, and also offers delivery had this to say:

I will note that I think it’s ridiculous that they allowed your new expensive mattress to freeze.

You did not purchase a frozen mattress, did you?  So why did they allow it to become frozen before delivery?

The mattress should have been kept in temperature regulated storage before delivery, as I am guessing that the only way for it to become frozen is that they loaded the box truck the night before and left it outside.

These mattress are probably not tested to withstand freezing conditions so what if the gel foam substance is damaged from being frozen now?

How can you be sure that the mattress is not permanently damaged and will be less supportive as a result of poor product care prior to delivery?  I think they should refund half the cost of your new expensive mattress because of unsatisfactory delivery of a damaged product.

She’s not wrong, and I had not thought of that.  I wrote to them because the customer service to me the customer was not exactly what I was expecting. 1-800-Mattress is better, is better, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are also better.

I expect nothing more out of Sleepy’s as with them obviously customers are out of site and out of mind once they take your money.  Then it is onto the next sale. I think it is great they donated mattresses to Super Storm Sandy Survivors on the Rachael Ray Show but I think more of the credit there goes to Rachael Ray for arranging it.  After all, Sleepy’s corporate gets nice write offs for donations, correct?

I am thinking true customer service is a lost art unless you are patronizing smaller and more local businesses.

Lesson learned: if you purchase anything from Sleepy’s don’t expect much.  A good deal is not so fabulous when it comes with cranky customer service.   When it comes to them Caveat emptor. And when you can: shop local.

sandy storm photos – send them in for posting!

Hi there gentle readers.  I hope everyone has battened down the hatches for however Hurricane Sandy turns out?

I have a proposition for all of my readers: send me storm photos for posting.  I learned a long time ago that if you want to enact change, photos help. The photos you are CURRENTLY looking at are photos I took where I used to live in Lower Merion Township and one from Conshohocken. The snapped tree was courtesy of Irene last year.

So if you have flooding photos and you want them out there, send them to me via sandysnaps <at> spamex <dot> com

That is sandysnaps @ spamex . com – Sorry due to spammers, I will not have this as just a hyperlink to click and go.

Alternately you can tweet me at @gossipgirl19380

I am happy to attribute photos, tell me who gets credit, and *MOST* importantly give me precise locations. Or I will post photos anonymously if you live in a municipality that has shall we say, issues?

I am particulalrly interested in photos where development may be occuring or is currently occuring or has just been completed. I am also interested in areas that chronically flood and often wait until the bitter end for help to arrive.

One spot  of particular curiousity which should not be overlooked by anyone is where the Borough of Phoenixville is building their over-priced new municipal hall.  I passed it last night while in Phoenixville and thought I should defininately put that location out there as a site for good storm photos because it always floods, doesn’t it? And correct me if I am wrong, but the plans for that needlessly overpriced new borough hall doesn’t really have proper flood remediation built in, does it?  Wasn’t that the plan where the plan is put the garage underneath so everyone’s cars drown and there is lots of potential litigation from that?  Anyway, I figure a way to preserve the taxpayer investment and future costs here is to have irrefutable proof that they need a real plan or they should stop and move sites.

Phoenixville has a fun downtown at night.  They need better parking and I notice they have the parking authority people out chalking tires on a Saturday night, and truthfully, most municipalities don’t do that.  They leave it as the police can tow people from certain zones and are done with it.  But then again, people tend to question how Phoenixville spends money – they spend way too much on a manager, they spend way too much on a school superintendant – seriously for a borough barely squeaking by in any economy they pay Main Line prices.

But enough picking on Phoenixville which always floods so badly, from Tredyffrin through to West Vincent and Oxford and wherever, if you have storm photos, or storm info, send it in.   Also feel free to leave comments about where the power is out and if roads are blocked.

Hopefully Sandy will be a non-event for Chester County.


But do document flooding and damage.  It is helpful for getting things corrected so situations do not repeat themselves. I will also take Main Line storm photos if it will help any of you out there near where I used to live.

Thanks and stay dry!



bird’s-eye view

I happened upon this house somewhere on the outskirts of Valley Forge Park.  Mind you I am still directionally challenged in my new county, but *SIGH* doesn’t this house seem to have a marvelous bird’s-eye view of the world?

why the petty?


I just received a note from someone named Megan Ebersole:

Hello- This post was brought to my attention because there is a screen shot of my images being used without my permission which is infringing on my copyright. I kindly ask that you please remove the screen shot of my images as I really don’t want this post or anything like it associated with my business.

So I have edited my screen shot from a public Facebook page to honor her request.   As for her not wanting to be associated with my blog, hey that is fine as we all know I generally take and use my own photos.   I am sorry she got caught in the crossfire so to speak.

One last question: ummm who had permission from Twitter to use their trademarked tweetie bird and symbol on cupcakes? And photograph and advertise with it?  That is what is in the image in question  (cupcakes with Twitter tweetie birds and twitter symbols) and  I looked and saw nothing.  If that photo is for anyone’s financial gain, they might wish to have a care with photos like that – the bakery in Media that produced them for AML (A Sweet Mess Cakes in Media), the photographer that shot the cupcakes and contacted me, and of course AML. I made an unintentional error, because I just wanted to show a screen shot of what I was talking about on a public Facebook page, but that whole twitter of it all? Seems a few of us had a learning curve here, yes?  I wouldn’t wish to run afowl of twitter, so I am almost glad this woman contacted me……

Original Post:

So it is a big brave world out there and every day many of us like different pages on Facebook.   Only sometimes the page owners are odd and even petty.

There is this one page called (“AML”) The owner is a woman named Sarah Lockard, who I have seen here and there at social events.  She doesn’t remember who I am half of the time, and that is fine – truly that doesn’t bother me.  We’re not friends, just sometimes go to the same things.

But what I do not get is why I like her AroundMainLine page  (“AML”) and a couple of weeks later I will go look at something because I will see her feed on someone’s page and I have to like the page all over again.  I have had my like unliked by her as page administrator twice today.  And oh yes, although I can’t remember ever posting anything on this page, for some reason I am not allowed to post a comment on the page even when I like it. .

Now look, I don’t have time for petty.   I get that some people are fairly ambitious social climbers, love to pretend their roots are more Main Line than they are and just need a touch up,  and at heart insecure, but this is just silly.  I hate to pile on with the haters out there, but I am just too old for this stuff.

The irony is a LOT of people have a LOT to say about her and her “work” that is not too flattering.  I really haven’t.

I discovered I was not allowed to post a couple/few weeks ago when I happened to go to this page while searching for a store on Facebook.  I saw this beautiful photo and thought “wow how pretty”.  I went to leave a comment to that effect and found I could not comment.

So I am putting it out there that this is pretty childish stuff from a purportedly seasoned p.r. chick.

Not everything she does is my cup of tea, but every once in a while I see something cute or whatever.

Grow up, precious.   Or pick up your Barbies and go home.

And incidentally, *IF* this ends up to be a total misunderstanding, I will take this post down.