u.s. postal service: they deliver for who?

USPSWhat is your mail delivery like? The only thing I like about my mail delivery are our mail carriers. And our postmaster is really nice. But that is where the liking of the U.S. Postal service ends.


I have a great post office and mail carriers BUT the US Postal Service¬† changed how our mail gets routed to our post office to deliver to me! My mail used to go through Southeastern PA and now they route my mail through a different state— my mail routes through Wilmington, DE!

A lot of our mail goes missing.¬† One person mailed me something almost 2 weeks ago at this point…and I should have had it in like 3 days. And yes, they had the correct address and so on.

A lot of mail is damaged or arrives partially opened like someone was taking a peek.

And sometimes it smells like the bottom of an ash tray.

And when I call to ask, well what can they do? All of the local mail gets routed out of state so it can come back in state. (Or so my postmaster tells me.)

Unacceptable. (But so is much of anything else which has born the touch of the US Government…..)