sometimes the right thing happens…in west chester borough

July 22nd I put up a post about what neighbors on Marshall Drive in West Chester Borough were dealing with:

For once it seems like the right thing happened as you can see from the stop work order posted at the top of this post?

Neighbors got together. They contacted the PA DEP. And the Borough of West Chester seems to have responded in a timely manner?

Meanwhile the comments on Facebook came in at a rapid pace. Residents from other streets in the Borough wished these neighbors luck since they had been ignored like over on Franklin in the past when apparently a similar issue occurred and that’s terrible if true isn’t it?

I asked for an update the other day. A resident got back to me:

A stop work order has been placed on the property by the borough. The residents are monitoring the ordered remediation process which will be costly and add time to this project. They must dig up the yard and basement now. They clearly tried to cut corners and the vigilance of the neighbors held them accountable. Not over yet but going the right direction now.

…It is funny, some folks want to believe it was truly an ‘accident’ to empty old oil into a storm drain to get the little project done fast

So that is the update available. I found a listing for 531 Marshall online on Zillow: had this:

So this was a little old school cape style house. I have always loved those. It looks like it was being rebuilt. It’s a shame that this happened because the rebuild design wasn’t unattractive. It looks like it was a foreclosure having to do with a reverse mortgage:

Looks like the new owner is a developer/builder? So this was a one off to be flipped or something? I ask because I don’t know, but if this was an acquisition by a builder shouldn’t they know better about heating oil or whatever in storm drains?

Here’s hoping that this gets remediated properly, right?