a – farmers’- marketing- we – will go!

AnselmaAfternoon-2Just got back from East Goshen Farmers’ Market and it was packed and FABULOUS today.  I have some beautiful produce and I bought a gorgeous Cinquefoil a/k/a Potentilla from Brogue Hydroponics.


But let us move on to other markets.  Namely the hop scotching farmers’ market.  You know, first it was at Anselma Mill (where it did so wonderfully well), then like magic it was going to move to West Vincent, only it wouldn’t really be in West Vincent, it would be in Upper Uwchlan. And then there was drama because nothing with West Vincent in the name can ever go smoothly or without drama.

waaah 1Mind you the drama and issues were self-induced and I feel no pity to anyone but the poor farmers and food purveyors and residents they had so confused. Why do I say that? Simple: if the West Vincent Farmers Market had waaah 2done things the right way, versus the West Vincent way there might actually be a farmers market in West Vincent now.  D’oh.

So when the West Vincent Farmers Market Page did the heavy sigh and the itty bitty violins of pity came out today, come on now people you did it to yourselves.

AnselmaAfternoon-13I am glad the market is back where it belongs at Anselma Mill which is a REALLY cool place if you have never been.

Enjoy the photos.  Little birdies took them for me. Not chickens, but birdies……Also noticed no Birchrunville Hills Farms Taste Our Feet at Anselma?  Didn’t they used to be there?  Also heard they were no longer a producer for the Phoenixville Farmers Market? Is the popularity of those overpriced food stuffs waning?

A final note so I am not farmers market incorrect, the Anselma Market is once again the Anselma Market, right? It is not something goofy like the West Vincent Farmers Market at Anselma, is it?

Anyway, no matter which market you prefer, thanks for getting out and supporting local farmers!


grist for the mill

A really cool place in Chester County is the Anselma Mill.  As per their history on their website:

The Mill at Anselma is an   extraordinary artifact of 260 years of Chester County’s industrial heritage. The Mill   stands as the most intact, authentic example of a custom water-powered grain   mill in the United   States and has been so honored by the U.S.   Department of Interior as a National Historic Landmark.

The Mill illustrates the   impact of changing technology on the milling industry over the course of three   centuries and celebrates Chester   County’s role as the breadbasket of   colonial America.

Totally cool – it is close to the Village of historic Yellow Springs at 1730 Conestoga Road in Chester Springs and they have a farmer’s market (at the mill every Wednesday from 2pm-6pm).  I did not know until today that I could actually buy flour from them, and to me that is very cool!  I can’t wait to check out the mill some day soon!

The Mill at Anselma has a fundraiser coming up I thought I would post because I for one would like to attend, and I think it sounds like fun. It would be *helpful* if one knew how much this fundraiser was going to cost to attend, but anyway:

Save the Date for The Mill’s 10th Annual

Fall Party and Auction

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, The Mill at Anselma will hold its tenth annual fundraising party and auction. The auction provides continuing support for the educational programs and ongoing preservation of The Mill, a National Historic Landmark.

The fundraiser will be held for the first time at the working grist mill located in Chester Springs. Come and join us for a beautiful evening in and among the historic buildings and landscape of The Mill. The event is from 5:30-9:30pm and features both a silent and live auction. A light dinner, cocktails, and beverages are included.
For more details and to purchase tickets, please contact us at 610.827.1906 or visit us at www.anselmamill.org.