come on over to my virtual lawn easttown township


Dear Easttown Township,

It’s called the First Amendment.


Easttown Township is it true that y’all have some issues with Devon-area homeowners’ First Amendment rights to display lawn signs supporting preservation of their community????

Is it true that yesterday maybe someone picked up all of the “Save Devon/Don’t Rezone” signs that were up all around Devon? As in TRESPASSED on the private property of residents??? Did that REALLY happen? Or is it an suburban legend? If it is true did the taxpayers of your township just pay for that even as they are exhibiting their First Amendment rights?

People were told that perhaps some people might find the lawn signs offensive? Waaaaahhhhh you mean like the developer or involved interested parties? Since when can’t you post a lawn sign in this country?

So Easttown, I am a blogger. Call this post my virtual lawn.  I am displaying my lawn sign in support of the residents trying to preserve their community without unnecessary super-sizing and urbanizing.

I don’t think there is an ordinance prohibiting it just yet?

Easttown Township, maybe you should clear the air about this with a public statement? It would be helpful, after all, your residents LOVE where they live and they are just trying to protect where they call home.

Hugs and kisses,