the old hershey’s mill is looking just glorious!

Two years ago I wrote about the old Hershey’s Mill starting to get a rehab facelift. Last November I posted photos from the rehab in progress. Well today we drove by on our way home, (and sorry I didn’t get the best photos but I got a couple of photos) and I am so happy to see that beautiful old structure with new life.

The new owners have taken great care with her restoration and she looks glorious! I really hope East Goshen historical commission gives them some kind of an award, they deserve it!

I hope the family will be really happy there and now let’s hope East Goshen Township gets a move on with making a park or whatever they are doing with what was the old pond and other things next-door. Because I have to tell you if I had spent all that money on that rehab of that beautiful old structure, it’s a little jarring to look at the undoneness of next door which is the township’s responsibility.

And speaking of East Goshen have they taken eminent domain off of the table for the Hicks Farm? I’m still wondering how I can take so long to unravel an eminent domain taking.

Anyway, bravo to the restoration minded owners of the old Hershey’s Mill. In an age where everyone tears down rather than restores, this is the most wondrous site!

Happy Father’s Day!

beautiful fences make happy everybody

I love Wayne because it has some superbly wonderful and unique 19th century homes.

One is owned by the family of someone I know named Greg Pritchard.  Greg is part of the Radnor Historical Society and incredibly knowledgeable.  He was of great help to me a couple of years ago when I was researching the Wayne Natatorium to submit to the state for it to get a historical marker.

The Pritchards recently did something super cool: they researched and re-created the original fence to their home from the 19th century with the help of a guy named Stephen Zook of Rocky Ridge Cedar Work in Christiana, Pa. I assume Mr. Zook is either Amish or Mennonite.

I just think the fence is beautiful and unusual and thought I would share in the hopes of inspiring fence creativity! Below is Greg’s family home when it was built.  This wasn’t a requirement, they just did it.  That is preservation in action, people. How very cool!