wv4West Vincent must think I have some super secret radar when it comes to that municipality.  I don’t.  It just seems to be the land of dumb stuff. But given the mental midgets who govern over there, is it any wonder? (And lest West Vincent officials get their panties in a knot over this post they can thank the public info that let this stuff loose. Yes, municipalities like this love to live under the radar, but they might as well accept that through their own actions this Warped Mayberry is now on the radar of many…)wv5

When State Senator Any Dinniman posted an article about fracking and stuff on his facebook page I learned what I thought was I don’t know what in West Vincent sandwiched between dense residential development and playing fields for children was indeed some kind  fracking or gas line thing.  So close. So close. That is kind of freaky if you ask me. I would never want to be so close to something like that. The thing is although we might need the gas, you don’t know really how the whole process can affect people that live close by, can you?


Senator Dinniman had a simple message:

We cannot allow natural gas pipeline companies to run indiscriminately throughout our open spaces, pristine waterways and backyards. In Chester County, we value the environment. And there are enough people who have the skills, talents, and financial resources to resist encroaches done insensibly and without proper community dialogue

wv 2a

No matter WHERE you stand on fracking and those pipe lines, you can’t disagree with that.  Here is the article:

In Chesco town, opposition helped stop proposed gas pipeline

By Aubrey Whelan, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: March 12, 2013

Amy Shenk had never joined a protest movement, never organized neighbors, never passed around petitions or printed signs.

And then last year, a man from a gas company came knocking at the door of Shenk’s home in Warwick Township, in the rural north end of Chester County.

What he showed her was a tentative map of a proposal from three companies to run a “Commonwealth pipeline” right through Hopewell Big Woods, a 73,000-acre forest that local residents fought hard for years to preserve. He wanted permission to survey her land.

She balked. A movement was born, and however reluctantly, Shenk became a leader.

“I am not an activist,” she said. “I’ve never been involved in anything like this before.”

Gas pipelines are hardly new to the county, and plans for the Commonwealth pipeline are on hold indefinitely. But residents of the tiny township and public officials have mobilized nonetheless, launching a website, recruiting environmental experts to study potential impacts in the Big Woods, and dotting the roads in and around Warwick with bright red signs that read “Stop Pipelines Here”…..Chester County is the venue for several pipelines and two compressor stations, in West Vincent Township and Downingtown….

But future pipeline projects could face stiff resistance in Chester County, lawmakers have warned.

State Sen. Andy Dinniman (D., Chester) has introduced three bills designed to increase oversight of pipeline construction and is sending a letter inviting gas company representatives to speak with community members next week, he said.

And then there is the latest from Chickenman, hence the title of his post “sigh”.  I am pleased to note that a lot of people who once thought Chickenman was “scary” now understand that it is the truth he puts forth that is scary.  His truth comes from public records and public sources.  Soon those friends of West Vincent supervisors will undoubtedly start putting up flyers in the post office again. Of course, they do so at their own risk because that is utterly illegal IMHO.  And if you are a victim of these flyers you can and should turn them over to postal inspectors to run through crime labs. Postal inspectors don’t play.

Anyway, here is what chickenman is saying and you can be your own judge but IMHO West Vincent is playing Russian Roulette with the environment again.  But then again, in West Vincent it is always about who you know.

Anyway Chickenman’s missive of 3/22/2013:

Hi. A new business is opening in West Vincent Township. This is great news for the Township, a new business. Here is a copy of a brochure from the business.WestVinc1Seems you’ll be able to buy all of your hard landscaping supplies here. It is located on the far west side of West Vincent Township on route 401 just before getting into East Nantmeal Township.It looks to me like there may be a problem with this establishment, though. Here is a picture of the operation.                         WestVinc2What kind of problems, you may ask? All the trees next to the stream have been torn out in order to set the concrete barrier walls. It looks like the containment bins are too close to the stream. If mulch is going in those concrete bins, the drains would spill directly into the stream, which is not allowed. The CFO of the company that owns this property was a member of the Sustainability Committee in 2012. I wonder how the other members feel about this? Sounds a little like Pam Brown, doesn’t it? Of course, those are just the environmental issues. Then there is the problem of this project is being built in a residential area. While the trucking company has the right to be there from a previous zoning hearing board decision, I don’t think there is an allowance for a landscape supply or retail establishment. That would be another commercial use on top of the one already granted in an area that commercial isn’t allowed. This would be a violation of the Township Zoning.Why am I talking about this issue? Because it involves Katharine “Kit” Trolier. Kit Trollier, formerly Kit Greiner, is the CFO of Greiner Inc. the company that is expanding the business operations and is part of the family that owns that land. Kit is also a Ken Miller handpicked member of the Zoning Hearing Board in West Vincent Township. She is a Judge that decides people’s property rights within the township.You may remember Kit Trolier. She ran for Committeewoman twice and once for Supervisor. Every attempt was unsuccessful. But that doesn’t mean Kit Trolier isn’t without friends. While running for political office, she was supported by Supervisors Ken Miller and Zoe Perkins. During her run for Supervisor, she partnered with David Brown who was successful at becoming a West Vincent Supervisor. Kit was on a board for a company that West Vincent Township solicitor Steve Siana own. She bought the property where she resides from Steven Siana. One of her best friends is fellow zoning hearing board member Carl Brachwitz. And, I repeat, she herself is a member of the same Zoning Hearing Board. She is a former member of the Sustainability Committee and also a member of the Trash Task Force. She is well connected.From the township minutes Jan 7, 2013:Trash Task Force appointments and terms (1 year term to expire on December 31st of the listed year): Steven Bazil, 2014 Eugene Briggs, 2014 Chip Farnham, 2014 Penny Furgess-Hodgkins, 2014 Peter Gafer, 2014 Bob Kaiser, 2014 Ted Otteni, 2014 John Rieder, 2014 Harry Saunders, 2014 Kate Stanton, 2014 Kit Trolier, 2014 Michael Whitehead, 2014What will come of this issue now that this information is in the public? Will Ken Miller’s administration be able to protect his friend? For the environmental issues, it could go either way. After all, Supervisor Miller is probably the biggest polluter in West Vincent after Exxon/Mobil and he has been able to somehow skirt the PA DEP. ( think it’s doubtful. But I could be wrong. After all, this is West Vincent Township.As far as avoiding the township issues, DL Fleck still operates illegally, in direct conflict with a Chester County Court of Common Pleas Order. The township doesn’t enforce the ruling or regulations when it involves friends. Kit Trolier has been a good lapdog for the Miller administration, even defending the motives for the Eminent Domain actions against the Ludwig’s Corner Horseshow grounds. There may be some posturing but in the end, it is doubtful that the zoning will be enforced. After all, Kit (Greiner) Trolier is the final enforcer at the township level.Here is a screenshot saved from www.goodgovernmentforwestvincent, Kit Trolier’s campaign website, a website which was removed after David Brown was caught contradicting his campaign statements on issues AFTER he was Supervisor. It shows she has been CFO for Greiner Inc. for almost 20 years.WestVinc3Best wishesChickenman 

it’s not nice to criticize, but…

……It took that reporter from the Daily Local/Mercury almost a month to report on skeet shooting leaving Ludwig’s Corner.  I think that’s a bit ridiculous.


Posted: 03/05/12 12:57 pm

WEST VINCENT – Ludwigs Corner Horse Show Grounds will no longer be home to the Chester Springs Skeet Shooting Club.

The gun club, which had been established on the grounds for about 60 years, disbanded on Monday, Feb. 6….According to Jacobs, the contract for the gun club’s use of the property as a shooting range allows for a 12 month notice to end the lease, giving them until February 2013 to stop using the site for skeet shooting.

“It’s just amazing that they were thinking of us instead of themselves,” said Jacobs…….Most of the complaints related to the noise [WERE] caused by the sport, however, according to Jacobs, when the neighboring houses are sold, the contracts inform new owners that they will be living next to a gun club.

  Jacobs also said that the club, which was founded primarily by World War II veterans, was not only renter of a portion of the property, but also gave the association significant donations, and provided several volunteers for the events held at the grounds, most notably the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show.

Oh and here’s a lil’ update from the Sainted Chicken (think maybe The Daily Local can check this out?):

People have asked what happened at the township hearing (Feb 13, 2012) for the Pam Brown Corrective ordinance. The video is on the Township website. In a quick synopsis, there was a resident that asked what the changes were and would the changes be explained. He was told that “the ordinance had been on the website for months and that he should have read it” (paraphrased). Shortly thereafter, several people (Patty Kozac, Michelle Thomas, unidentified others) pointed out that there was change towards INCREASE in density, not reduction. The Supervisors denied the claim for several minutes stating that is was a decrease. It was realized that the wording did INCREASE density. The Supervisors took almost a ONE HOUR executive session while the crowd waited and now will perform further review. Apparently, the Supervisors did not read the ordinance either.Nor do they follow the law, once again. To meet in Executive Session, the subject must meet certain criteria.     See page #42

For the density discussion Meeting February 13, Video Part 1, 24.24 minutes to 32.30 minutes. The rest of the hearing is gone. Poof! Disappeared. I understand that the hearing went from 7:30 pm to about 11:00 pm. Only 30 minutes of the hearing is available. Why? ANOTHER video missing. Most likely to prevent the viewer from hearing the Pam Brown discussion. Just like the missing December 16 video which most likely is to keep the viewer from catching Clare Quinn calling a resident a “bitch”, (which Clare Quinn denies).

The hearing has been continued to April 2 for the Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance and will continue to field questions and figure out what has been changed and why. I recommend people be there. I understand the last hearing was well attended.

By the way. In today’s Pottstown Mercury, a sad article on the demise of the Skeet Club in Ludwig’s Corner.
It is my belief this is the strategy of the township to erode finances from the Horse Show to push them towards a sale of the property to the township. Support the Horse Show. Become a member. Attend the event. Remember those that are still attempting to take it away, albeit subversively.

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Disappearing public meeting tapes?  Wow that is so Good Government for West Vincent, isn’t it? I mean good lord, I criticize Lower Merion but they make the meeting tapes available and run them on public access television. Radnor is even easier access to things of a sunshiney nature.  Look at West Vincent and their “minutes may be available” of it all.  Seriously?  Aren’t they required to make things like this available, not lose meeting tapes, minutes, etc?  Who are the state reps and state senators that serve in and near West Vincent? I am also curious to know is West Vincent this bass ackwards because they seceded from the rest of the Commonwealth of PA and possibly the U.S.?    Seriously, the more I hear about West Vincent the more I wonder how the State hasn’t looked closely at them and the way they do business at a minimum.  Mayberry politics at their worst. West Vincent needs sunshine and a good broom.

meanwhile, back in west vincent township

It seems that in West Vincent Township, it’s still a cloudy day?  I have this e-mail from ChickenMan which also contains part of an interesting update from the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Folks which I also received.  Wow talk about murky and no sunshine.

Are these people for real? And how come they can’t produce a lease for the taxpayers to review if this Township Supervisor Ken Miller (who makes that cheese I no longer buy from Birchrun Hills Farm) rents land from the township? Doesn’t that make in some sense the residents/taxpayers of West Vincent his landlord? And he does this (rents this land from in essence the taxpayers), yet he thought it was a good idea to seize Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds via eminent domain for private gain?  And if West Vincent owns all this land and is so hot to trot on a “plan”, why not use the land they already own before looking to seize privately owned land?

And who is this Pam Brown, other than she seems to be part of French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust?  Call me crazy, but damn that non-profit seems to have issues or am I imagining that?

And what’s up with this zoning issue?   Shouldn’t residents be able to discuss any potential changes in full sunshine even  typos?  That seems to be the norm for other municipalities in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties doesn’t it?

Also, why is it again this Clare Quinn can’t get benefits on COBRA from her former employer and it is such a good idea for the taxpayers of West Vincent to pay for her health benefits?  I would love for someone to pay my health benefits, but I live in the real world and pay my own. Just sayin’.

Anyway, read on from ChickenMan:

This came in to me from the Friends of the Horse Show and I am copying it here for you. 

West Vincent Township BOS meeting update
Dear Friend,
Once again interested residents of West Vincent Township packed the township building anxiously awaiting the zoning hearing that was postponed in December. Once again, the residents of the township were turned away, as the zoning hearing was postponed yet again.  The hearing is now set for January 23, 2012.   Explanation:  They sent the “insignificant changes” (one change and a few typo’s)  back to the County, because the County could determine that they were “significant changes”.  That’s right folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s double talk at its best!
To refresh your memory, the zoning hearing is to approve major changes to the township zoning ordinance.  The changes to this ordinance are vast, and will certainly change the look and feel of West Vincent Township in the future.   Even more important than the depth and breath of the changes, is the fact that the changes proposed will attempt to right the zoning violation that occurred when Pam Brown was permitted to built her accessory dwelling on her deed restricted property.
Frustration levels were high as the residents of the township voiced their displeasure in the manner in which the zoning changes are being handled.   They are complicated, difficult to read, and cumbersome, yet the supervisors and township manager along with solicitor do not intend to hold a town meeting or provide a plain language document for residents to better understand the future effects of the changes.
Since the township website makes it difficult to locate documents referred to at the meeting,  I have provided you with the links to follow along.  Get cozy and read along.

Click here to see the changes to the amendments.

Fast Facts taken from the meeting:
  • The meeting once again required two attorneys working on behalf the supervisors.  During the budget approval meeting of December 27, 2011, the supervisors said they were going to control the expenses of the attorneys in 2012,  I wonder when they will start?  My guess Monday night cost the township a minimum of  $1710 and possibly much more, might I remind you….nothing was accomplished!  The supervisors knew the hearing was not going to take place, yet they kept 2 attorneys at the table…..Good Job watching that budget!
  •  When questioned about the decision to pay 100% of Clare Quinn’s benefits, the board said they would determine the percentage in March when Clare will go on the policy.  Keep your eyes on this one, how will the supervisors spend your money?
  •  Remember when the Horse Show supporters showed up at the meeting, and mysteriously chairs were missing from the meeting room, forcing people to stand or sit on the ground?  The chairs have returned! Personally I want to thank my township for treating their residents with such care that they actually removed chairs from the meeting room when the supporters of the horse show attended meetings.


As promised, I have been inspecting records at  the township building over the last two weeks.  This is a slow process, however I will keep you updated as things of importance are revealed.  The 2012 budget did not include rental income for the farmland and farmhouse leased by the township.  After I pointed this out, Jim Wendlegas was not able to determine why they were missing.  During my review and on Monday evening, Jim took responsibility for “missing” the income from the farm land in the budget. The supervisors decided to vote to amend the budget to make this change at the next meeting. As part of my review, I have asked for copies of the leases on the farm land along with the farmhouse lease.  What I was provided was an expired lease (lease expired 9/30/08) on the Farmhouse and an expired lease for the farmland that Ken Miller leases from the township (expired 12/31/10). When asked for lease renewals, extensions or addendums to the leases, Jim looked surprised, and said he would have to “look” for them.  Jim did not have them available at the next meeting even though I stressed the importance of seeing them.  Just to be clear, the leases do not have an automatic renewal, and do require renewals in writing…Stay tuned more to follow….

Thank you for staying interested in what is going on in West Vincent Township.  Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who may have an interest in what’s happening in West Vincent Township.  If the e-mail has been forwarded to you, and you would like to receive future mailings, please click on the link below!


Maria Jacobs

Friend of the Horse Show

“Be the change you wish the world to see” – Ghandi

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