the new feminists? or just more basic bullying b*tches?

The feminists I understood and understood what they stood for.

I am amused and bemused by the women who have popped up living their best social media lives. They all want to be influencers. But what is an influencer exactly and why really should we care?

I call them the new feminists. I do that VERY tongue in cheek so that I do not offend actual feminists who have fought for the rights of women.

You see them everywhere and they’re always talking about empowering women. A lot of them are involved in multi level marketing schemes versus things you can buy in the store. A lot of the time their multi level marketing schemes means buying a piece of them. Even in a feather tutu in a laundromat.

I have zero issue with someone who tells women they should practice self care. I will get that out of the way now. But women who practice endless narcissism and pretend to be Mother Theresa? Yeah, no thank you.

Feminism used to be something I understood. But today? This new wave of I don’t know what they are other than bobble headed follow the leader Stepford wives? I don’t get them. They fashion themselves as new feminists and they only are capable of saving the world and our society. But hey it’s ok they are completely and utterly self focused, which is why I don’t understand how they think they are helping anything?

They feel they are all so liberated fighting for “civil rights”. No not civil rights, that is their code for anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers. They are literally puppets being controlled by people, sometimes but not always other women, who have started these “liberty” groups out of state. Or “conservative” groups. A lot of these groups have websites and ask for their devoted to support them. No one ever talks about these groups NOT being non-profits, most not even a 501(c)(4) which is a civic action organization and also not tax deductible.

These women want to educate you on the United States Constitution. Too bad they don’t get inalienable rights aren’t subjective. Their rights do not supersede my rights or anyone else’s. They want you to know always that their rights matter more.

Then these women want to tell you what it is to be a true conservative. Or even Republican. They can’t buy a clue and these are also the ilk who vote how they are told, so how are they trail blazing new feminists in the first place? The answer is of course they are not. What they don’t know at times is actually dangerous. Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism. They don’t like that description, naturally. Probably because they do not understand what totalitarian means.

Here is the definition:

Relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
“a totalitarian regime”

(I put it in pink to make them more comfortable)

These women who claim to be about sisterhood and lifting women up will be the first to turn on you, especially if you are a woman. I will use myself as an example as I am a favorite hate target.

With me they say I am a horrible person, and they love to tell me I can’t write yet they hang on every word I write like a human gaper delay. (Sorry not sorry using that phrase again – it popped into my head recently and there it sits.)

Also with me? They have a lot to say with the fact I went to private school. I will always be unapologetic and grateful to my parents for giving us an opportunity that is not exactly reasonably affordable today, and was still not exactly so back then.

I find it tremendously amusing these hyaenas like to say I must be suspect because my blog’s Facebook page profile photo is a photo of an owl that I took. Well d’oh if you actually knew me, you would know I like owls, so an owl? Not a surprise. I have a skewed perception of freedom and my writing (as per them) is negative and a reflection of my soul. Yes, yes, they are also budding theologists. (Bless their fuzzy hard hearts for caring about my immortal soul.) They like to say I am anonymous, but am I really?

These women scream and shout quite literally at public meetings, yet I am am “miserable” . One in particular likes to finish her thoughts with “I’ll wait”. Even when performing exorcisms while wearing odd necklaces at school board meetings. She is apparently done with women around here and their faux white rage and projecting their mental crisis onto others….and needs a man to check it. I love when people project their issues onto others, don’t you? If she’s done with us lowly females around here, why not go back to wherever she came from?

Maybe these types think my “ramblings” offer no substance. That’s fine. They aren’t who I know, nor are they whom I want to know. That is that whole inner narcissist thing they ascribe to. And of they are so adult, why is it they can’t tune out what they don’t want to read? Oh and they say they want “face to face combat” and what does that even mean?

As per them, a pink “vagina” hat will never stand up against a “freedom fighting patriot.” Well sorry to disappoint, most will tell you I don’t wear a pink pussy hat, and actually don’t wear pink much. But if you want to belittle and mock women who actually get up and fight for the rights of all women, even them, well that is something else entirely. And what do you know from actual Patriot? Added irony? Look at their timelines on social media and they are all sweetness and light and posed family portraits. Yet, they want to be brawlers and call you out behind the gym for sitting at their lunch table or something.

Most of the time I tune these women out. But it has gotten to the point that what they are doing is affecting our daily lives again. Theatrics at school board meetings that include truly vile behavior. Grooming children to do their dirty work while they egg them on. All taxpayers pay for their crap. What am I talking about?

The Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism have been busy grooming kids to their adult politics – take Conestoga High School last week and their “anti mask ” walk out. As in Tredyffrin-Easttown School District. I am told the adult you hear egging these kids on in a video circulating wants to run for State Representative now and was involved in the anti-masking lawsuit that fell flat in that district? So now they are grooming kids to perform THEIR desired act of civil disobedience? The exact same parents who clutch at their strands of sub-par pearls (there are pearls and there are pearls) and spit verbal knives if their plans are interrupted by anything other than their adult agendas, and are “the keep kids in school” crowd…yet now they are grooming children and pimping them out for their own misguided political objectives including walk outs? And are their objectives actually their objectives or were they told it should be their objectives? And more of these “walk outs” are planned locally.

And these parents grooming kids to do this is not cool. By all means teach your children to stand up for what THEY believe in. That is very different from grooming them to do your dirty work which could affect their futures. Do you not think colleges look at these things? You do you, let them do them. Masks might be now, they aren’t forever.

If it’s not anti-vax and anti-mask, they are screaming at school boards calling them pedophiles and want to ban books that make them personally uncomfortable.

These new feministas want to call me a progressive liberal. They practically spit it out like they are calling me an adulteress or something. I use “weird wording” and produce “vile word vomit.” And I am a pissed off entitled child. (Do you hear me laughing? Because I am.) They lament I am not more like bloggers they like to read. Funny thing is if they don’t like what I write, why read me? Why the obsession?

These new feminists are the women who are going to drag us back to the eras women fought to get us out of: not being able to vote, no freedom of choice with our bodies or sexuality at all. You see we aren’t entitled to that because THEIR rights, THEIR wishes are more important than ours. Yes I call some of them narcissists but a lot of them truly do not have the intellectual capacity to be narcissists. They are just plain old vanilla camp followers and basic bullying bitches.

Life goes on and society regresses often as much as it progresses. I don’t pretend to have the answers. But we are regressing dangerously as a society right now at the hands of those who wish to “save” us.

Heard this great line in something I was watching on Netflix:

Life is the balance between your dreams and your truth.

I have probably vented my spleen enough for one evening. Thanks for stopping by.

Song added for no other reason than I hadn’t heard this in forever and love it.