the beauty that is chester county

This is Chester County, Pennsylvania.  These are million dollar views that shouldn’t turn into million dollar developments.  But that is what is happening.  It is NOT happening in this photo, but the purpose of this photo is to remind Chester County residents what is indeed irreplacable.  This view doesn’t come in the Mount Vernon  Carriage Home Model.


an artist to check out in kennett square june 1 – 3

So I have this friend who is a wonderful artist – she does a lot of watercolor which I love and she also teaches locally.  She is also part of a wonderful program called Art-Reach in Philadelphia, and has created a travelling watercolor and poetry workshop.  I am so excited that she is really painting and creating for herself again, and not just teaching!

The artist’s name is Averil Smith Barone, and she comes by her talent  honestly and genetically, as her mother was also an amazing artist from Chester County (Valerie Lamb Smith).    I remember the first time I saw her mother’s studio at Averil’s parents’ home. It was a cacophony of beauty and color. (to this day her parents’ home was one of my favorite Chester County houses.)

Averil has definitely inherited her mother’s talent and branded her own unique and beautiful style.  You can see the artists who influence her in her work: Bonnard, Matisse, Van Gogh. I think you can take the gal out of Chester County, but you can’t take the Chester County out of the gal – you can also definitely see the influence of where she grew up in her work!

So anyway, if you have the time, check out Open Studio of artist Abby McClure,with  fabulous art by Abby McClure and Averil Smith Barone. 337 South Union St Kennett Square PA, 19348 – Friday, June 1st:    5-10pm Saturday, June 2nd: 1-8pm Sunday, June 3rd:    1-5pm.

Averil does watercolor commissions upon request as well as barn, house, and room portraits.  (610)-633-8220.  Tell her you saw her on chestercountyramblings!