caffeinated heaven: hiline coffee nyc rolls out MORE fun!

photo1I believe in living life caffeinated.  I love coffee and have a definite attachment to my French Press and Nespresso machine.

Although I love my Nespresso machine I am less than enchanted with Nespresso capsule prices.  Which is why a few months ago I ordered from HiLine Coffee for the first time. And I just keep going back for more.

Why?  Good, small batch coffee.  And the guys that started this company went to Penn.  So there is that Philadelphia-area connection too!

Like myself, these fine gents (Ted and Gene) eventually discovered Nespresso machines.  Like me they found the capsule price points a source of irritation.  So these enterprising guys decided to build a better bread box….err coffee capsule.

Voila!  HiLine Coffee was born!

coffeeThe prices on the capsules are so reasonable and the coffee is amazing.  I just received my box of new flavors and I am like a kid in the proverbial candy store.

Their new collection is named after different parts of New York City, so how fun is that?  I had Wall Street Dark Roast today and it is strong and bold, but has no burnt taste like many dark roast coffees can have.  Next up to try is the Chelsea Light Brown Roast.

Seriously, give this company a try. If you love coffee, and own a Nespresso machine, this company gives you more choices.  I will *note* that there are other companies introducing Nespresso compatible capsules but HiLine  does the best job price-wise and with being truly Nespresso machine compatible.

I have tested other capsules and they are too small, and the capsules just don’t dispense coffee correctly.  HiLine has spent the time to really do a good job. So if you want coffee that is so good you wonder if you are sitting at Bubby’s in Tribeca for brunch or want espresso good enough to make you wish you were sitting in Café Reggio in Greenwich Village, then this is your company. And they have excellent customer service, so no Soup Nazis there!

HiLine can be found on the web on Facebook, their own website, and on Twitter at @HiLineCoffee .

Tell them you heard about their product on Chester County Ramblings.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the occasional money-saving secret code!

Please note in spite of what the Diva of Domesticity known as Martha Stewart says, I am as a blogger qualified to review coffee capsules.  No, my palette wasn’t trained in Paris but I know what I like!