“that” stretch of swedesford road….


swedesford 3So these are just a handful of snap shots taken quickly as a passenger in a car of that stretch of Swedesford Road that seems frozen in time and fading fast.  I would really like to take more photos, as I find this all fascinating.swedesford 6

Anyway, any knowledge which can be shared of the farms, or anything else right here would be appreciated. The history is so rich and with each farm that fails or development that breaks ground, more bits of Chester County disappear. I know you can’t save every old house, but it would be nice to have photos and bits of the history….

swedesford 8

swedesford 7

Swedesford 1

swedesford 2

swedesford 4

Swedesford 5

ghostly neighborhood


This is something I have been curious about. I think I have mentioned it before- this abandoned neighborhood on Swedesford Road.

This neighborhood fascinates me. Time has stood still, someone must have bought it. Anyway it’s like a ghost town.


One of my regular readers wrote to me in an e-mail just now:

Those homes are the former staff homes for Church Farm School when it was run as a farm too.

The land behind them is part of the new 700 plus acre Chester County park whenever they make it useable.
It was part of the large development deal for Church Farm after the original developer (forgot name) lost money and bowed out.

The county park is another story. It’s been in ‘development’ for years. Apparently no money.

Meanwhile, a whole generation has grown up without being able to use it as a park.

Another Chester County boondoggle.

So I guess this was part of that Rouse deal back in the day then? So if municipalities own the park land, who owns these abandoned houses now?

Ok keep those e-mails and comments coming this is fascinating stuff!


mourning dove mourned


This afternoon ended on a sad sort of note. I was starting dinner and all of a sudden I heard a thump against the house.

I went outside and lying on the ground was one of my doves. I don’t know why this dove flew into the house or window so hard, but it did.

I have loved mourning doves and their comforting cooing since I was a child.

Anyway, this was one of the younger doves. It sat on the back patio for a bit and then moved close to the house behind my wheelbarrow. I thought it was just stunned but then it just slumped over. It was gone, just like that.

I get the whole Darwinian theory of it all as far as survival of the fittest in the animal and bird world, but I am still kind of bummed. I love our woodland birds.

The dove was laid to rest in the woods. It is survived by the rest of the doves who visit us daily.

dear sunoco: told you the natives are restless


I have written a couple of times now about Sunoco’s disturbing march through Chester County. I think SuNOco should get the frack out of Chester County.

I have also decided as a matter of personal choice to try to boycott Sunoco and their products. I just can’t in good conscience support a company trying to destroy what people call home in Chester County. Corporate America seems to respond to their bottom line, so why not? We still have freedom of choice in this country no matter what Sunoco is trying to do.

So…there is this great new website. I have nothing to do with it I just think it is terrific! The website is called eastbootroad.com

Check the website out and feel free to tell them you read about it on Chester County Ramblings!

Also check out this article which is related to this drilling and pipeline topic:

Vitali claims Corbett administration is stonewalling on information about shale gas drilling in state parks, forests Published: Thursday, April 24, 2014 By Linda Stein

And speaking of Corbett our illustrious (*cough*) governor, the May primaries are almost here. Make these pipelines an election issue. As a Republican I can tell you I will not be voting for Corbett. How can I given what is going on with Sunoco in Chester County?

Regardless of your political persuasion if you are affected by SuNOco, take it to ALL of the gubernatorial candidates of either political party in Pennsylvania. They all have social media presences, get on them. Raise the profile of sneaky SuNOco.

Again I look at it this way: what has SuNOco done for us? The answer is NOTHING.

Say NO to SuNOco. Pass it on.