catching up

clover 1Wow!  I took a bit of an electronic vacation.  It was, after all a glorious weekend.

Among other things, I went to Clover Market on Sunday. Some of my favorites were there like Nannygoat Antiques , Brandywine View Antiques, and Lura Jewelry.    I saw a lot of my friends from where I used to live, and that was super nice.

I did however realize while I was there and as I left, I truly am a Chester County gal now. I thought the traffic and the sheer rudeness of the drivers would make me lose my mind. And the unbelievable cacophony of noise. I loved living in Lower Merion for many years, but wow. Not any longer. They can keep it. I realize I was in a business district in a festival setting, but I am simply not made for a lot of this any longer I guess.

When I got there, I got stuck going into the public parking lot because a delivery van from Ardmore’s Party Land store was having a hissy fit.  The only problem is their fit should be with the township  because it lets visitors to the town park in what is their loading parking space on Sundays as per the signs.

I had one of my dogs with me, it is after all an outside event.  People were so intent on themselves, their cell phone conversations, etc that both of us got crowd jostled and the dog almost got trampled a few times (and was on a short leash).

And then there were the dog critics.  There was this pair of yentas I kept seeing around the market who were literally debating the pros and cons of my dog less than two feet from me.  They seemed shocked when I addressed them – “Oh, you can hear us?” one said.  Talk about an eye-rolling moment.  But I was polite and said nothing further and remarkably was able to keep my mouth shut….

I was also amused to see some dealers with some items that looked remarkably like some items once available at my favorite picking barn.  Yes, Smithfield Barn items…at a mark up.

However and most truthfully, one of the great things about going to things like Clover Market is it is a great place to not only discover new craftspeople, but re-purposing ideas.  I will admit that some need to go easy on the pastel painting of wooden items and I think I am so over chalkboard paint at this point.


But I do not miss Main Line Traffic.  Or some of the people.  When I hit a certain spot on Goshen Road or on Sugartown Road I feel like I can start to breathe again. I know these overpriced and overdeveloped Main Line communities seem to live to look for more infill development ideas, but wow, there is something to be said for trees, lawns, open space and actual gardens and nature.

While I was at Clover a friend of mine told me about a blog I had never heard about.  They have a Facebook page too.  Called The Divorced Dating Experiment. They said another blog had reviewed them – justsnarky.  (justsnarky was the blog to be kind enough to stick up for me when the hat harridans struck last year after I dared comment on some of the women with tattoos sporting serious taxidermy on their heads.)

Anyway, I decided to take a peek at The Divorced Dating Experiment. I found it appalling and that is all the air time it is getting.  To each their own.

I will tell you one more funny Clover Market crazy people  story before I wind this post up.  When I was leaving, two different women decided they wanted my parking space.  Both attractive blonds. One problem: they wanted my space and neither would give ground for ten or fifteen minutes and they were (wait for it), blocking me in!!!  LOL talk about a blond moment – maybe it would have helped to let the person whose space they were fighting over get out of it first?

Clover Market has two more dates this spring and seriously, in spite of craziness and dog critiquing yentas, and blond parking moments,  check it out.  It makes for a fun afternoon.  I would suggest going early if you are driving because the events have gotten crazy popular and it does get crowded. (When that Dranoff project starts, I wonder if the event will have enough parking or be forced to consider other locations?)


garage sale chic chester county is open saturday april 6th!

photo courtesy of garage sale chic chester county

photo courtesy of garage sale chic chester county

Have you been?  What are you waiting for?  There is always something fun to be found!  Here is their announcement  from Facebook and be mindful of their hours:

Open tomorrow, Saturday 4/6 @ 8am – 1410 Grove Ave, West Chester, PA along with large neighborhood sale going on at same time!!


dolls…oh my

DSC_0009DSC_0027I am not a doll collector. I have a china doll my mother made for me when I was little which I kept and she lives in a box somewhere, but that is about it.

So my better half comes out of the basement today with a box of dolls. I swear you never know what lurks in basements or attics.  Anyway they belonged to my late DSC_0030mother in law.  Her parents had bought them on trips for her between 1933 and 1939.

Some of them are a little too bride of Chuckie for me.DSC_0007

If anyone out there recognizes any of the dolls , let me know.







barn treasures…

DSC_0248So do you all know that Smithfield Barn is on Facebook now?  DSC_0299Have you liked them yet? You should as they are getting many treats and treasures ready for spring!

I had a preview today and had ever so much fun photographing some stuff! Follow them on Facebook now and get ready for their spring time opening!


smithfield barn open this weekend!

chairsMy favorite barn is open this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is December 7th, December 8th, December 9th!


Happy December!  Just a quick note that the barn will be open rain or shine this weekend Fri-Sun 10-4.  We have great new items and lots of great old items too!  Some new include bar height table and chairs, small black cabinet, bar height chairs, new holiday items,unique wood crates, new pictures,  older baseball/basketball/hockey cards and so so so much more!  As winter approaches (you’d never know it this week) our quest to empty the barn continues so come stop by and find a treasure or two to take home!!  Hope to see you this weekend! 

              Smithfield Barn 425 Little Conestoga Road
On most GPS devices the Smithfield Barn comes up as Downingtown.  When you come through the center of Eagle PA as it exists (complete with it’s Victorian style CVS) you turn right on “Ltl Conestoga Rd” (that is what the sign says) and thenthe road does a quick left and you keep on Little Conestoga until you see the barn sale signs.

fun in frazer

Ok on the way home this afternoon I finally satisfied my curiousity about the GIANT warehouse “Resellers Consignment Gallery”.

One word: FUN

Amongst rather unattractive things Aunt Tilly jettisoned from her home are some really fun things.  Old, new, antique, collectible, and in between. Yes there is a lot of stuff that qualifies as dead furniture, but there are gems.  I saw a handful of empire sofas today that yes would require reupholstering (some due to wear, some due to fabric choice), but they were beautiful.

Stuff is pretty much priced to move too.

And no, I did not buy that chair.  I wanted to, but my better half nixed the needlepoint of it all.  And it is under $100 too :<(



found art…and a couple of random thoughts….

So I went to my favorite barn (The Smithfield Barn) this past weekend and picked up a couple of cool vintage holiday decorations and a watercolor I had seen a few weeks before.

I don’t know how all of you are about art, but once in a great while you see something that just haunts you until it hangs on your wall.

Mind you, what I bought is nothing fancy, not a secret Renoir or anything, just a lovely watercolor that was framed quite well.

The scene looks like the interior of a church or school house, not sure which.  It is signed “Naomi Cadnum 85”.

I am curious as to how this artist’s work ended up here because my research indicates she was from Wellsboro, PA, which is way out there in Tioga County.  Thus far I have only found out she was part of the Wellsboro Art Club, and showed often in local art shows at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center.  I contacted the Art Center and the woman who replied back had not heard of this woman.  But she was active there in the 1980’s and 1990’s as per local newspaper archives of the Wellsboro Gazette I looked up.

I send random e-mails to artists I could find online who seem to be members of this Wellsoboro Art Club, so hopefully someone will be able to tell me this artist’s story.  I imagine she was an amateur painter, but I could be wrong.

Every artist has a story, I would like to know hers.

You just never know what you will find in that barn!

And as a special note to my faithful readers: I do get all of your e-mails.  I am sorry I can’t answer all of them.  And understand that while I appreciate your faith in my investigative blogging of a more activist nature I can’t take on every crusade.  I did that for many years while I lived in Lower Merion, and it was in the end, exhausting.  If I find an issue that interests me, I will write about it.

One thing that concerns me now is the hodge podge of it all when it comes to development along Lancaster Ave/Lincoln Highway/Route 30.  I will note I find particularly concerning the closing of the movie theater in East Whiteland Malvern Patch reported along with the proposed used car dealership being discussed in the Paoli section of Willistown. Car dealerships are like fast food restaurants which are like big box chain store and nail salons.  You can indeed have too many.

When I first started this blog I remarked how supremely ugly a lot of Route 30 was throughout Chester County.  One would hope that municipalities would learn that curb appeal goes a long way.  Apparently they never will. I find that sad. I also find it sad that a regional editor of Patch  seems to be dumbing down the Patch sites in Malvern and West Chester and possibly Phoenixville.

I am sorry, but if the formula of Patch is supposed to be hyper-local news, is writing an “opinion” piece that is not even opinion but a request for information news?  I understand a lot of people don’t know what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers but is it news? Maybe on a dedicated food site or a blog, but on innumerable Patch sites?  Are we all such bobble heads out there? Sorry, but to me this is as inane as the Ode to Diapers that flew across Patch Land in April.  In a time when newspapers keep cutting more and more, a hyper-local news outlet should be a little more about what is actually going on versus fluff.  Just my opinion of course, but I think Patch is a great resource and should take better advantage of what people actually want and need in local news.

And as for a final word in blogging, you as readers can also be bloggers.  Nothing is stopping you.   You can be your own voice and express your point of view and advocate for something important to you in your community.  You might even like it.