narberth borough wants to develop sabine park? 🛑 stop the presses and stop narberth borough

Honestly I can’t even with this news. I can’t even. For years the tiny shiny Glocca Morra adjacent to the Magic Kingdom of Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County has told everyone how green they were , how into open space they are….and then the bomb drops: 201 Sabine Avenue…those asshats want to sell Sabine Park??? For real? Yup- see below ⬇️

Like I said I. Can’t. Even.

Where to start? Didn’t they research what happened when ummm….Downingtown tried to sell Kardon Park for development? (Hint see Friends of Kardon Park on Facebook. )

So Sabine Park has been a park for what? 100 years give or take?

What do I say (if it matters)?


So I got an email today which inspired this post:

SAVE SABINE! SAVE SABINE! Sabine Park/property was gifted to the community over 100 years ago.

Friends, organizations across our region have been formed to save and protect public land/land held in the public trust from local government attempts to seize and develop them. Narberth is no different. Please support this organization and help to preserve Narberth parks.

On June 15, 7pm, 80 Windsor Ave Narberth(attached to library building, next to ball fields). The Sabine Coalition will hold a meeting with their Attorney Phil Rosenzweig to address community concerns over Narberth Borough government attempts to harm this park. Rosenzweig has reiterated the state laws that protect this property to Narberth Borough leadership. Council has not responded to requests to meet with the public and have ignored Rosenzweig’s request to meet as well. This site provides background and information on this property. There is a meeting registration request on front page.

“It’s NOT about POLITICS, it’s about our PARKS”

Phil Rosenzweig doesn’t mess around and he plays to win. And Narberth Borough seems to have been ignoring him? (Oh and Narberth Borough is working with people out of Paoli called Real Estate Strategies Inc.)

Help Sabine Park STAY a PARK

Tell Narberth to go to hell with this plan. When did Narberth get so bad government AGAIN?