the chesco gop lap dog poses like a good boy in photos and gets lots of cookies, and why are republicans so upset about democrats not wanting their lawn signs stolen?

The Chester County GOP as in party cheerleaders are a bunch of whackos. Just like the national party and most of the state party. There I said it. Oh and they (Chesco GOP) block this blog on Facebook, which is so funny. (Pssst! It doesn’t make me go away, it makes me write more.)

The Chester County GOP is SO bad that three of their biggest of the big dogs have endorsed Chrissy Houlahan over Napoleaon Ciarrocchi….yuppers…

Skip Brion, Bill Lamb, Alan Novak. Wonder what the current Chester County GOP Uriah Heep lap dog in charge has to say about this? I mean being a toadie has it’s limits, right?

This news gave me a fit of the giggles. And is still making me giggle days later.

Of course this means your #whereisGUY required reading is essentially his political history :

This endorsement says to me the divide within the Trumpublican party in Pennsylvania is widening. Of course with Lawrence Tabas as the chair of the PA GOP, it makes you wonder how he sleeps at night with this slate of misfits? But hey he can pose for photos with Ronna McDaniel and members of his family used to pose in photos and hang with Trump, so just a family tradition, right? (Not judging, it just “is”)

But that is not all, is it? So on Social media (Facebook), the Republican Committee of Chester County limits who can comment on some of their posts. But no, they don’t practice censorship, right? Suffice it to say, they believe in the First Amendment as long as it is flattering of them?

And then there is their whole issue over Democrats getting fed up with stolen lawn signs.

Apple AirTag Used To Find Over 100 Stolen Democratic Campaign Signs, Police Say
Thomas Brewster Forbes Staff
Associate editor at Forbes, covering cybercrime, privacy, security and surveillance.
Cyrus Farivar Forbes Staff
Senior Writer, Tech & Innovation

Local police believe a resident had put the tracking device on a sign—perhaps anticipating that it might be stolen—and anonymously called to inform them of its location. The department, which said it received multiple reports of missing signs, shared the location with some victims who wished to recover the signs. That information filtered down to Arlene Talley, 75, a member of the Chester County Democratic Committee, who went to find them in a dumpster behind a strip mall.

Lt. Tyler Moyer of the Tredyffrin Township Police said his department was looking into the case in the affluent suburb to the northwest of Philadelphia. Moyer, who has been with the agency for 18 years, said that during his tenure he was aware of “dozens” of previous incidents of political campaign sign theft.

Released in 2021, Apple’s AirTags have previously helped police track down stolen goods, from bikes to pilfered luggage, though there have been reports of the devices also being used to surreptitiously track and stalk people. But using them to keep tabs on political signage is a new phenomenon…..There, in a large commercial-size dumpster, Talley told Forbes that she found 118 signs almost entirely for Democratic candidates, including U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman, gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, House member Chrissy Houlahan and Pennsylvania House of Representatives member Melissa Shusterman. She said there were also five vote-by-mail signs and two more for Black Lives Matter. None of the signs were for Republican candidates. ….Members of the Republican Committee of Chester County who represent Tredyffrin did not immediately respond to Forbes request for comment.

BUT stop the presses, the Chesco GOP lap dog did have something to say via social media where they limited public comment:

So now the Chesco and elsewhere GOP is making a big deal because people in Bucks County supposedly were rigged by Democrats with razor blades. But how do you know they were Democrats because the media reports they were signs placed on lawns without permission and truthfully, that is not a Democrat trick is it? And you want to tell me you wouldn’t see razor blades taped with big chunks of tape on a campaign sign?

Let’s talk lawn signs. I don’t put them up any longer. It ruins the look of a garden, in my humble opinion. But when I did put them up, I tied them to shrubs and trees with fishing line, sprayed with PAM cooking spray and that coyote urine stuff deer don’t like. It was most effective.

Don’t you just love when Monsteriano preaches fake peace and Kumbaya? But hey he’ll be fine with all of us in Pennsylvania as long as he can rule like Castro or Stalin, right?

So isn’t it funny they are making a big deal out of this because remember the Trumpublican with an electric fence around his lawn signs? What, would I lie?

Back to the Chesco GOP. They have another non-leader. But he loves getting his photo taken with Trumpleberaties, doesn’t he? But then again they all do. Holier than thou, every single ridiculous one of them. Usually in an election season I can only find one or two of the politically challenged to mock. This year? It’s like they are all sniffing glue or something.

It’s up to all of you. Do you want to NOT be lazy and get out and vote, or let crazy win? Speaking of crazy what are Scary Marvin and Gail Newman up to this week? Is Jessica Florio still running for State Senate as a “single mom” when she is just a “divorced woman”?

Dear Party of Lincoln, are there any actual Republicans still in existence?

sometimes local/regional political history is interesting. have you checked out “what kind of guy” from 2008?

From 2008

A lot of times websites that pop up during political campaigns disappear. While Googling for information on a 6th District Congressional Candidate, to see what a certain “guy” was about in past political endeavors, I stumbled upon a gold mine of elections past. There was this website devoted to this “guy” running for Congress, only back then he was running for State Rep and the website never came down.

Given the way that Chester County Republicans behave and the way this “guy” and his campaign behave, I will undoubtedly get blamed for this too. Because if you can’t figure out someone to blame, blame this blogger, right?

Only in this case? I didn’t know it existed because this “guy” wasn’t somebody I had to contemplate voting for prior to this.

Allow me to post a brief excerpt so you can go check it all out for yourself.

It’s just so funny it’s like it’s been waiting for him to run again. And no I don’t know who did the website but it’s very amusing.

We rest our case. (October 28, 2008)

Election Day is almost here, and we believe we have told you what Guy refuses to tell you about his record.

We have told it to you in a truthful manner.

You have a choice to make this Tuesday, November 4th.

Based on the evidence, there is no doubt that Guy is an extreme partisan Republican. He has been for 28 years. He is trying to hide from it, because he doesn’t think he can win if he tells you the truth. Personally, we can’t imagine changing who we are for anything; particularly while deceiving tens of thousands of people. Guy is obviously ashamed of who he is and who he has worked for in the past, and if I were George Bush or Dick Cheney or Rick Santorum or Melissa Hart or the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I’d be a little offended.

Guy wants to be your State Representative in the 157th District. He wanted to be the State Representative in the 185th District as well. He also wanted to represent the people in the 19th senatorial district. Amazing how Guy cares so passionately for the residents and communities of both South Philly and our community. And in just a matter of years! We wonder if Guy is more interested in elected office, than he is in you?

We would like to tell you why you should vote for Paul Drucker. But, this is a site about Guy. So, we will leave you with this: Paul Drucker is not a career politician. He is doing this for one reason: because he truly cares about this community where he has lived for almost 30 years, and because he enjoys helping people solve problems. He has no further political aspirations. He will listen to you, and work hard for you.

This race is now in your hands.

Thank you for listening.

~ October 2008

Wow just wow. So #NOTourGUY

Also read:

…should be measured by the company he keeps?

…won’t acknowledge his past attempts to seek elected office?

Heck, check it ALL out –

You have to wonder if whoever did this site in 2008 is still around to update it to today? But it is a gold mine of public information publicly sourced if you are curious about one of your candidates for public office this coming November. If you’re not curious about your candidates don’t look at it.

But I’m telling you this is like a political Pandora’s box. And sadly for this candidate now running for U.S. Congress in the 6th District, perhaps still relevant?

#WhereisGUY ? Stuck still in 2008? Has this candidate evolved or is this “guy” still cut from the same cloth leopards don’t change their spots? Time will tell.

Enjoy your Monday. Taa taa for now….