the chesco gop lap dog poses like a good boy in photos and gets lots of cookies, and why are republicans so upset about democrats not wanting their lawn signs stolen?

The Chester County GOP as in party cheerleaders are a bunch of whackos. Just like the national party and most of the state party. There I said it. Oh and they (Chesco GOP) block this blog on Facebook, which is so funny. (Pssst! It doesn’t make me go away, it makes me write more.)

The Chester County GOP is SO bad that three of their biggest of the big dogs have endorsed Chrissy Houlahan over Napoleaon Ciarrocchi….yuppers…

Skip Brion, Bill Lamb, Alan Novak. Wonder what the current Chester County GOP Uriah Heep lap dog in charge has to say about this? I mean being a toadie has it’s limits, right?

This news gave me a fit of the giggles. And is still making me giggle days later.

Of course this means your #whereisGUY required reading is essentially his political history :

This endorsement says to me the divide within the Trumpublican party in Pennsylvania is widening. Of course with Lawrence Tabas as the chair of the PA GOP, it makes you wonder how he sleeps at night with this slate of misfits? But hey he can pose for photos with Ronna McDaniel and members of his family used to pose in photos and hang with Trump, so just a family tradition, right? (Not judging, it just “is”)

But that is not all, is it? So on Social media (Facebook), the Republican Committee of Chester County limits who can comment on some of their posts. But no, they don’t practice censorship, right? Suffice it to say, they believe in the First Amendment as long as it is flattering of them?

And then there is their whole issue over Democrats getting fed up with stolen lawn signs.

Apple AirTag Used To Find Over 100 Stolen Democratic Campaign Signs, Police Say
Thomas Brewster Forbes Staff
Associate editor at Forbes, covering cybercrime, privacy, security and surveillance.
Cyrus Farivar Forbes Staff
Senior Writer, Tech & Innovation

Local police believe a resident had put the tracking device on a sign—perhaps anticipating that it might be stolen—and anonymously called to inform them of its location. The department, which said it received multiple reports of missing signs, shared the location with some victims who wished to recover the signs. That information filtered down to Arlene Talley, 75, a member of the Chester County Democratic Committee, who went to find them in a dumpster behind a strip mall.

Lt. Tyler Moyer of the Tredyffrin Township Police said his department was looking into the case in the affluent suburb to the northwest of Philadelphia. Moyer, who has been with the agency for 18 years, said that during his tenure he was aware of “dozens” of previous incidents of political campaign sign theft.

Released in 2021, Apple’s AirTags have previously helped police track down stolen goods, from bikes to pilfered luggage, though there have been reports of the devices also being used to surreptitiously track and stalk people. But using them to keep tabs on political signage is a new phenomenon…..There, in a large commercial-size dumpster, Talley told Forbes that she found 118 signs almost entirely for Democratic candidates, including U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman, gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, House member Chrissy Houlahan and Pennsylvania House of Representatives member Melissa Shusterman. She said there were also five vote-by-mail signs and two more for Black Lives Matter. None of the signs were for Republican candidates. ….Members of the Republican Committee of Chester County who represent Tredyffrin did not immediately respond to Forbes request for comment.

BUT stop the presses, the Chesco GOP lap dog did have something to say via social media where they limited public comment:

So now the Chesco and elsewhere GOP is making a big deal because people in Bucks County supposedly were rigged by Democrats with razor blades. But how do you know they were Democrats because the media reports they were signs placed on lawns without permission and truthfully, that is not a Democrat trick is it? And you want to tell me you wouldn’t see razor blades taped with big chunks of tape on a campaign sign?

Let’s talk lawn signs. I don’t put them up any longer. It ruins the look of a garden, in my humble opinion. But when I did put them up, I tied them to shrubs and trees with fishing line, sprayed with PAM cooking spray and that coyote urine stuff deer don’t like. It was most effective.

Don’t you just love when Monsteriano preaches fake peace and Kumbaya? But hey he’ll be fine with all of us in Pennsylvania as long as he can rule like Castro or Stalin, right?

So isn’t it funny they are making a big deal out of this because remember the Trumpublican with an electric fence around his lawn signs? What, would I lie?

Back to the Chesco GOP. They have another non-leader. But he loves getting his photo taken with Trumpleberaties, doesn’t he? But then again they all do. Holier than thou, every single ridiculous one of them. Usually in an election season I can only find one or two of the politically challenged to mock. This year? It’s like they are all sniffing glue or something.

It’s up to all of you. Do you want to NOT be lazy and get out and vote, or let crazy win? Speaking of crazy what are Scary Marvin and Gail Newman up to this week? Is Jessica Florio still running for State Senate as a “single mom” when she is just a “divorced woman”?

Dear Party of Lincoln, are there any actual Republicans still in existence?

an open letter to women of pennsylvania

What do having rights mean?

Are our rights subjective?

Should we have rights over our individual choices? As in no matter what we might choose, it stays our individual right.

Should we have rights over our own bodies?

Why do politicians at a podium, or religious figures at a lectern or on an altar have the right to decide our path and shame us if we do not agree? If we are not June Cleaver and Donna Reed or even if we are, why should we be judged by this? If we are career women who are independent and may or may not have families and children, why should we be judged by this?

When did we become this angry society of political punishers and judgy judgersons of insanity?

Do we deserve free and fair elections?

Should people impose their paranoia, bigotry, phobias, hatred, and not so thinly veiled racism over your families and children in public schools?

What do you think about the way we were set up with a separation of church and state yet everywhere the faux pious with their fake Christian values are trying to impose their values on everyone regardless of how others might feel?

How do you feel about your rights being subjective? Mind you that’s a semirhetorical question because our rights are not subjective, but if we don’t pay attention we are allowing people into public office who will remove our rights thereby making them subjective.

How do you feel if from the area about these people demonizing the esteemed Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for practicing medicine? Is Nemours Children’s Hospital Next? What about other hospital systems? Is medicine to be practiced according to the comfort levels of fanatics? And isn’t ironic that the new head of the Republican Committee of Chester County Raffi Terzian is a doctor? Makes you wonder how he can play politics and play medicine at the same time? Where is he on COVID19, masks, and vaccinations, for example? It’s a fair question, he’s a doctor and doctors are supposed to save lives, right? He was supposed to be a savior of the Chesco GOP but so far he’s shown himself to be part of the problems he was supposed to fix, hasn’t he?

When they shout, must we always shout louder? But if our voices are quiet, they win, so we don’t have the choice of being quiet and still, do we?

How do you feel about the Union League of Philadelphia’s decision to honor Ron DeSantis the creature of shithole Floridian Trumpian politics?

Beware the false prophets. Too harsh? Ok then, the Candidates of fall, 2022. The Man from Oz. Napoleon Ciarrocchi #whereisguy. Monsteriano Mastriano, Jessica Transphobic Florio. Gail Newman. Scary Sarah Marvin. The list seems endless and stretches across 50 states. It’s not just Pennsyltucky politics.

Vote ladies, our lives literally depend upon it.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

~ Matthew 7:15

the chesco gop is inviting a monster to town

Next weekend is a busy fall weekend for communities across Chester County, like the beloved Chester County Day, which is EXACTLY why Republican Committee of Chester County is bringing #Monsteriano to town.

THIS is why Chester County residents need to rise up against THIS event which isn’t about family or community or inclusiveness. This event is about supporting a hate-mongering wannabe dictator who apparently also has been voting in New Jersey? (Google Mastriano and New Jersey)

This event is about supporting hate mongering, bigotry, and every societal phobia known to man. This event is about ugliness.

This event is about removing a woman’s right to choose, a cornerstone of the Monsteriano campaign.

This event is about removing the free and fair part of elections, another Monsteriano campaign cornerstone.

Most importantly, this event is about removing a two-party system from our area, and completely decimating what was once known as the party of Lincoln. The Republican party actually needs to be saved from candidates like Monsteriano because democracy needs to be a real thing, not an abstract thought process. Our country was built on a two party system not a totalitarian regime which is what Monsteriano and other Trump acolytes support.

Here’s hoping Monsteriano gets a warm PEACEFUL protesting welcome to Chester County.

Americans still have the right to assemble peaceably and protest and I really hope hoards of people show up to protest BOTH the Chester County Republican Committee and Monsteriano. If you don’t know Chester County, Kimberton is a beautiful place to visit, and it deserves better than this trash and so does this amazing fire company.

It’s time to take back our region and our state, Pennsylvanians. This is why it is SO important to VOTE this November. As Pennsylvanians we need to take out the trash. We live in such a beautiful state, but it is in an inner state of ugliness. Voting against candidates like #Monsteriano isn’t just a thing to due in November because free and fair elections are a necessity to democracy. And literally if we keep letting in these people, that my friends is what is at risk.

You can also ask Kimberton Fire House to politely cancel this event and give them a donation instead. You can also inundate the Republican Committee of Chester County with emails, letters, and phone calls, as well as municipalities and community leaders who support hate mongering events like bringing a monster to town. Just be polite. Don’t be like them.

Happy Sunday.