garrett hill residents are you awake over there in radnor township?

Oh Garrett Hill. Time to stand up and fight again. First of all check out the oddness from the recent planning commission meeting which occurred August 7th, 2023:

What you need to pay attention to is Wentworth Lane (again) and then scootchy forward to sidewalk dining in Garrett Hill on Conestoga Freaking Road which is fakakta level insane. Don’t let Farhy do your talking. He is dead wrong about sidewalk dining.

Wentworth Lane is also fakakta screwballs with a preliminary plan that wasn’t a preliminary plan but was it a sketch or a figment of our imaginations? And what is the planning commission or township attorney who was there talking about as far as litigation on that site? Who is suing whom and where? Something about clear title needing to be proved before plans get submitted?

But please for the love of all that is holy, listen to both the sidewalk dining and Wentworth Lane of it all and wonder if Garrett Hill needs to storm the Radnor Township proverbial Bastille again? I kind of think so.

And while we are talking Radnor Township, how many lawsuits is the Township of Radnor embroiled in at present?

I will start – I found this still active:

Case NumberCV-2022-002234TitleMNG 2005, INC. d/b/a CBD KRATOM et al v. Township of Radnor et al

Anyway, have fun Radnor residents in general. You are living in times more screwy than the Bashore years. Have fun. You elected them.

look out tredyffrin! radnor has more plans in for dodo land

Giddy up Tredyffrin and Radnor residents because it’s always in the dog days of summer or any kind of holiday time when big ol’ important things come to be discussed. More on Dodo Land is back. Plans for Strafford Avenue and Forrest Lane.

Look my opinion hasn’t changed: too much density planned for this area between this and Holloway Land McBox Theme Park. Stormwater management and traffic issues pre-existing to any of these plans and you need to PHYSICALLY BE AT THESE MEETINGS AND BE PRESENT WHEN THEY GET SCHEDULED IN PERSON! SUPPOSEDLY COMING IN JULY. THAT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

From: Maryann Cassidy <
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2023 10:47 AM
To: KevinKochanski <>; William White <>; John B. Rice <>

Cc: Peggy Hagan <>
Subject: 204, 218 Strafford Ave & 18 Forrest Lane

Good Morning,

The Community Development Department received a Conditional Use Application for the Hamilton Estate, properties located at 204 and 228 Strafford Avenue and 18 Forrest Lane.  We have not received the digital version yet, once received I will forward it to you.

Maryann Cassidy

Administrative Assistant

Community Development Department

Radnor Township

301 Iven Avenue

Wayne, PA  19087

610-688-5600 x 146

610-971-0450 – fax

And then I found these gems on the Radnor Historical Society website:

So Tredyffrin and Radnor residents you have been warned: more development games afoot in Radnor Township. I can’t even imagine how terrible the traffic will be right there someday….