bernie, bernie, bernie…we’ve got your number (still)

Well….I warned West Vincent voters about former West Conshy Borough Councilman Bernie Couris in 2017 didn’t I? And you didn’t listen. Nope.

In 2017, I said:

Birds of a opportunistic political feather always flock together don’t they?

Outgoing West Vincent Supervisor David Brown who was a Lower Merion Two Montgomery County Republican before moving west to become a country squire in the ousted political regime has endorsed West Conshy Bernie who until very, very, very recently a Republican in West Conshohocken and isn’t that quaint?

Has anyone asked West Conshy Bernie how he feels about nepotism? Has anyone also asked West Conshy Bernie why when he was a Republican there why he said such truly awful things about Democrats? Has anyone asked West Conshy Bernie what he really wants?

And if it was where I lived I would be very leery of a Born Again Democrat who was until a minute before his first race it seems a Montgomery County Republican from West Conshohocken. But hey just my opinion…and if you all know he doesn’t pass the sniff test and you continue to vote for him, you get what you deserve, don’t you?

As the forever infamous in West Vincent political history Chickenman once pointed out, for local elections, that one National Party is no better than the other. Local elections should be about a person, what they believe, their knowledge, and their experience. A person that puts forth actual solid beliefs, not a campaign of what “what would you like to see” feel good platitudes. A history of actions provides a window into the future.

Or as another friend likes to say and I quote often – PAST IS PROLOGUE.

So now Born Again Bernie has been living in West Vincent for a bit, correct? Been a stupidvisor for a while? He’s slowly but surely sprinkling the fairy dust of West Conshy in West Vincent is he not? Maybe that is why y’all ended up with publicly funded French Maid outfits?

Maybe this is why you ended up with the manager who made a hasty exit that I also warned you about? And how you almost ended up with the extra money being paid to said manager although it ummm wasn’t in his contract?

To quote the guy Anthony Simonetti running against West Conshy South Jersey Bernie :

A concern in West Vincent is the lack of government transparency. The discussion of Township business and financial transactions must be made readily available to the public at large. However, over the last several years, the availability of this information is decreasing.

Here are a few examples:

Financial expenditure reports provided to the public provide minimal or no information on the transactions. This has been an intentional change in accounting practices. Considering the problems in the Township Treasurer’s office in 2022, the trend should be to provide more information, not less.  

Recorded meeting videos often have unintelligible audio or are missing completely

The regulations of the Open Meetings Law (Pennsylvania Sunshine Act) are not always followed, especially the guidelines on providing proper advance notice of public meeting agendas.

Excessive Executive Sessions are held with minimal detail given to the public.

West Conshohocken from the Expressway.
Dig that open space disguised as a concrete jungle yo’

People, people…Bernie is still BOGUS….and rumor has it even the Democrats don’t really like him….so maybe it is just food for thought, but are all of you such sheeple in West Vincent you will really vote for him AGAIN? He’s just repeating patterns from Republican days in West Conshohocken, isn’t he? And eventually some of those folks who remember all his shenanigans there like tearing down St. Gertrude’s School?

And isn’t it interesting that he served what? 8 years or so on West Conshohocken Borough Council and it’s like he scrubbed Google clean? He lost in 2007 to fellow Republican Harry Griffiths according to the The Times Herald. Most interesting is still the occasional chatter out of Montgomery Co which still says this “Democrat” hated Democrats when he was a West Conshy boy so how is he one now? A Democrat of Convenience is not really a Democrat is it?

I do not have a dog in this race, but West Vincent voters need to remember this is a guy who came up as a politician in West Conshohocken and that will never make him a saint, will it?

BREAKING: west vincent buries the lede with a last minute meeting and a manager going bye bye

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! But wait…

Johnny Johnny Johnny where ya going now? Are you resigning or were you asked to resign?

So I wonder who West Vincent will pick for the next manager. They certainly are not very smart about it but what do I expect from that motley crew of stupidvisors? Cheer up Sarah maybe Bernie knows someone from West Conshy. He’s got relatives right?

I wrote about this manager once before because he’s the traveling man.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The more things change in West Vincent the more things stay the same. And when are these people going to learn about proper legal meeting notice?