all aboard the crazy train in west whiteland

Sorry I have been busy, therefore remiss in reporting on stupid is as stupid does surfaced once again in West Whiteland Township. The August 9th, 2023 meeting was in part, ridiculous. Saint Theresa of the Lame Duck and Raj Kumbhardare were in charge because Chair of the Supervisors, Brian Dunn was on vacation.

Well suffice it to say, you can definitely tell the difference in a well run meeting and a joke. And what was one of the topics of discussion? Essentially legitimizing Theresa playing mall cop at West Whiteland Community Day this summer.

Theresa Hogan Santalucia was a whirling dervish of rude and cray cray. She flipped out on the Republicans and Democrats who had tables set up a community day. there was no active campaigning going on. Political parties are part of the community at these events. They will have information for registering to vote, and usually something to eat. We’re not talking active politicking or campaigning here.

Above is the sign that she objected to for the West Whiteland Democrats. It was there exactly as is in 2022. She is still part of them, correct? There was a high school kid manning the table. A high school kid. If that was my kid, I’d be on the phone to the township asking what gave her the right to harangue a kid for doing a volunteer job, wouldn’t you?

Again, it was reported that she also went after Republicans, including a sitting judge. The judge was getting a lobster roll from the food truck and walking around. Such a threat, right?

I have some experience in the planning of and volunteering at large community events. We used to do First Friday Main Line on a monthly basis for years. Politicians were always there and the local political committees had offices in Ardmore. They were part of the community and the understanding was be part of the community, just refrain from active campaigning.

It is not Lame Duck Saint Theresa’s job to police events and act like a rude and condescending harridan. Truthfully she is as always an embarrassment to her municipality. Truly deplorable. But she was in her element August 9th. But before we get to her interrupting Raj to be on top as it were, we can’t ignore him saying that they have to watch out for the Proud Boys asking for tables at West Whiteland Community Day.

Yes for real.

(Click HERE for entire meeting)

This is the theatre of the absurd. And between Raj and saying extremist groups are coming and Theresa mansplaining, it was quite the side show circus act. The community is only selectively allowed to participate going forward at West Whiteland community events is what I am hearing, which is why for ALL of the events I promote free of charge for communities, if this is what comes to pass I will never promote a community event EVER again in West Whiteland Township. I will also encourage vendors not to participate. Community events = community , not dollar days at the Pravda Circus.

Also, Supervisor Lame Duck Saint Theresa is a political loser. And she has targeted certain residents multiple times while a supervisor, hasn’t she? Remember sidewalk chalk-gate? I mean when when she attends a community event she always has to kick up a fuss doesn’t she?

501 (c)(3)s can allow political parties to participate in community events, as long as there are no endorsements or active politicking from the non-profits or the political parties. Providing information like voter registration etc and information in general on tables while giving out cookies or pretzels or painting faces is no big deal. NO ONE was endorsing anyone at this event as far as the political parties. The local political parties had information tables and offered treats for kids/community. The tables were manned by community volunteers from that community, sometimes kids.

And then there is the whole topic of political candidates attending community events. Well here is the truth: if the PUBLIC is invited to an event, there is right of association, and those pesky all-American things like First Amendment Rights. There were indeed candidates for public office mulling about at this event and at least one sitting judge. They were allowed to be there and wearing a simple button or sticker with their name on it is actually kosher. They were meeting people, hanging out at a public event. It was benign and nice.

Now I went to a lawyer whom I respect greatly for my questions about can political parties have tables at non-profit events as long as they aren’t politicking or endorsing, as well as are politicians and candidates allowed to be there wearing a badge or simple sticker identifying them? The lawyer I asked was Sam Stretton of West Chester.

The simple answer was yes and yes.

So regarding that whole right of association thing. In short, our US Supreme Court has long held that the First Amendment’s protection of free speech, assembly, and petition logically extends to include a “freedom of association.”

But today, politicians tend to overcomplicate the crap out of everything. And that is exactly what Mall Cop Saint Theresa of the Lame Duck did in West Whiteland. Which is yet another reason why once she is no longer a supervisor she should be out of township things altogether. And Raj needs to brush up on common sense.

Theresa before this meeting tried to justify her position of flipping out at the West Whiteland Community Day by posting this:

There were no booths selling Biden wear or Trump gear at West Whiteland Community Day. So again, meet the absurd. Theresa and Raj on this issue are indeed the living embodiment of a lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. How embarrassing.

Well that’s it for this edition of How the West Whiteland Turns.

Perhaps Theresa could just resign now? But she won’t. She knows better than everyone, right?

Political stupidity is exhausting, but maybe that is why politicians like Theresa Hogan Santalucia does it again and again and again?

Calgon, please take Theresa away. She has free yard sales to plan after all…..

apparently the crazy train has stopped in chester county

I can’t even with Chester County right now. It’s CRAZY. As in crazy train crazy.

Where to start?

Ok the first thing was the husband or partner of Caln Commissioner Lorraine Tindaro named Michael Bedrick who is all in with Chester County Democrats going to jail for child porn? And when I wrote about it I felt like Lorraine Tindaro was a victim of sorts in all of this because I am fairly certain she’s over 70 and his actions have quite literally blown up her life.

Also to add to that because it IS Caln is this was the same guy cited for some property condition issues wasn’t he?

See? I am not making this up. So he’s in prison, what happens to Lorraine with all of this craziness? I am not advocating for her, don’t know her, but I think she deserves compassion. However, I am also not saying I think she should necessarily stay a commissioner in Caln, either. If I had been hit by the Mack Truck of life like she has been recently, I don’t quite see how she will be able to do her job as a commissioner in Caln but hey, just my opinion.

However, oddly enough, that wasn’t the part of my opinion on this that upset certain folks. It was saying have compassion since her husband or partner’s decisions and choices just blew up her life at a time when most are just wanting to contemplate retirement, etc. And oy vey, some of the comments I got from one person. Yes, I did finally tell that person to STFU before I removed them and all the comments and blocked them. Which is my right and not against the law even on Facebook. Their comments went TOO FAR. They were making people uncomfortable. But then there were the boundary issues of it all where someone gave them my personal email address and after their messaging on Facebook was ignored, and yes they went there. Sigh. Calgon take me away.

Did I tell them to STFU? Yes I did and maybe they did not like that, maybe saying that was not nice but also not illegal. Also no Papal ring to kiss. And if I choose not to engage vis-à-vis what I felt to be an unwanted contact via messenger and just quietly blocked them there, how do they think a creepy AF email to my personal email address which I did not provide them with would be received? Kisses and flowers?

And if we are going all Chesco D for DEMOCRAT when it comes to the Chester County Democrat Committee is it still practicing Democrap behavior this year? Remember the spring primary and their candidategate? Here let’s refresh:

That was a fun post, right? I somehow don’t think Charlotte Valyo thought so. I bet her knickers were in a twist when her email to a local paper got leaked? And then there was the who ridiculousness kerfuffle of oh a blogger published that they must also be corporate espionage types who hack email, right? Except the truth of the matter is the Chester County Democratic Committee much like their GOP counterparts are like a leaky boat. People aren’t happy and others overshare, yes?

So Charoltte, dear dear Charlotte launches a very GOP eve- before- election- trick. It backfired and gave her optics that were deservedly terrible for pulling a bitch trick because at a minimum she and her cronies are TERRIFIED of independent candidates and try to squash then at every turn so everyone runs lockstep behind mommy and her clucking political chickens, right? Well guess what? Her case and her minions known as the filing five seem to have ended this case that was going to do so much?

So Charlotte darling, what’s next? Are you all besties once again with failed judicial candidate State Rep Kristine Howard? Did you investigate her filings then too? Was she squeaky clean? Can I get out the popcorn anytime soon because you KNOW someone will primary her don’t you? And Charlotte, has anyone read the comments under this post:

Charlotte someone remembers you from your days on the board of the Phoenixville Country Club or something? Something to do with an issue described as a “bail out” from Schuylkilll Township? Seems very dirty laundryish but is there anything to the comments left? Part of this one stuck out when they said:

Past is prologue. On either count, strong oversight and judgment doesn’t appear to be a well honed skill.

~ comment left May 20, 2023

Now this Phoenixville Country Club thing is not my story to tell. But it sure gives one pause yes?

And from the county level politically ridiculous we move along to Roostergate 2 in Willistown. Now there’s some fun. Hate mail a plenty. Messages, text messages, emails, messages to this blog. One of my favorites was this to the purchased manor born who told me to go back to Delco or something. I am not from Delco, but amusingly the poisonous pen pal was. It was such a bye post menopausal girl moment. And for those who like to say there is nothing about roosters in Willistown, well there was something and then mysteriously it was not signed even though the prior Roostergate, Roostergate 1 should have made it common sense clucking or something. And Roostergate 1 indicated some judge described rooster rules, but whatever. Just keep getting roosters and siccing people on me for my opinion. Nevermind the poor neighbors, right? Talk to the hand, people. I love chickens, don’t like roosters.

Roostergate I found that umm yeah the rooster was a nuisance ….

noun. nui·​sance ˈnüs-ᵊns, ˈnyüs- : something (as an act, object, or practice) that invades or interferes with another’s rights or interests (as the use or enjoyment of property) by being offensive, annoying, dangerous, obstructive, or unhealthful. — attractive nuisance.

Oh and Willistown does actually have a noisy bird thing in their codes and the meeting the other night indicates this issue is not just in one place in Willistown:

So then we move from this bit of crazy train over to West Whiteland a couple of meetings ago:

So that is obviously a dicey neighbor situation. And painting profanities on a fence to upset a neighbor? That’s crazy town no matter how you are provoked.

This apparently was over fence boundaries? But the strife that was between the neighbors made you wonder back on May 10th, where were the police? I mean they keep the peace, right? It’s not always a “civil matter” is it? These people seem to live in between both Uwchlan and West Whiteland so there’s that. Betwixt and between two municipalities.

This was crazy train enough and then last Friday there were rumors of another neighbor on neighbor incident over there and someone got stabbed and was in the hospital? yet NOTHING until media reports yesterday?

AND STABBED? In that neighborhood? I don’t know anyone over there but friends in both townships say it’s a nice regular neighborhood which has the drawback mostly of kind of being in two townships. So then nothing is said by Uwchlan who responded although there is a court docket:

So this is hanging out there and one guy neighbor is in the ICU at a local hospital and the other guy neighbor is in jail? This is not normal this is crazy town and two families are blown up over this and two townships….yet it took until the media started asking questions for Uwchlan Township Police to issue a statement? WHYYYYYY? And I have to ask, could this have been prevented?

Then this hits the Daily Local:

UWCHLAN — An apparent ongoing dispute between two neighbors in the Exton area turned bloody last week as a resident of a suburban cul-de-sac was arrested and charged with stabbing another man during a street-side confrontation.

Uwchlan police were called to the North Valley Hills neighborhood on Thursday for the report of a physical fight between neighbors that resulted in the victim being stabbed with a folding knife. The victim was taken to the hospital, where he is reportedly still recovering from his wounds.

Charged was Glenn Phillips, a 53-year-old security consultant and resident of Rennard Drive, located not far from Downingtown East High School off Biddle Drive. He was taken into custody on Friday and is currently being held on $250,000 cash bail at the Chester County Prison.

Phillips is facing charges of the attempted murder of Charles Oswald, a first-degree felony; aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon, also felonies; simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and possession of an instrument of crime. He is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Paige Simmons of Uwchlan on June 26.

Defense attorney Ryan Hyde of the law firm of Hyde Tebay of Uwchlan, who is representing Phillips, said his client intended to fight the charges and claim self-defense.

“It is a very difficult situation, and we are looking forward to our day in court to exonerate Mr. Phillips,” Hyde said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

In a statement, Oswald’s wife, Marnie Oswald, said her husband was still in serious condition at Paoli Hospital on Tuesday. He has a collapsed lung, a tube in his chest, and internal bleeding, she said. “We’re not out of the woods yet.”

The dispute between the two men apparently concerns competing claims — about a fence ….The Phillips live in Uwchlan, while Oswald’s home on Biddle Drive is in West Whiteland. The township line divides their properties.

Details of the incident are included in the affidavit written by Uwchlan Sgt. Stephen Saraceni does not describe what the  confrontation the two men had last week concerned, only to say that there was a “physical fight.”

Saraceni wrote that he responded to a call for a stabbing at about 5:45 p.m. on June 15 at the intersection of Rennard Drive and Biddle Drive. There, he saw Oswald standing next to his white Transit work van with no shirt on. He had a large amount of blood on his neck and chest area, and the officer saw a large cut on the right side of his neck.

Saraceni also saw Phillips sitting on a curb across the street from his home in the 400 block of Rennard Drive. Close to him was a large pool of blood in the roadway, the officer wrote. He was able to determine that there had been an altercation between the men and noted in the report that “Phillips stabbed and slashed Oswald with a folding knife, causing significant injury, namely two stab wounds to his torso and back and a slash to the right side of his neck.”…The violence of the attack is out of the ordinary for Uwchlan, where serious crime is low, even though it is among the county’s most populated municipalities….

Problems between the neighbors go back several months, according to both sides.

At a May 10 meeting of the West Whiteland Board of Supervisors, Phillips’ wife, Angela Phillips, appeared to discuss the ongoing property dispute between her family and Oswald, over the fence, which encroached on her yard. She said numerous attempts in 2023 to get the fence removed from her property, including directives from the township, had failed, and Oswald was threatening legal action.

“I’ve tried everything to work this out,” she told the supervisors. She said Oswald had harassed her and her family over the months. “Please, please help me regain my property rights,” she said, her voice audibly shaking.

Supervisor Brian Dunn expressed sympathy for Phillips’ situation and said the township was hoping to help resolve the dispute. “We are doing everything in our power to get the fence removed,” he said. “Eventually it’s going to be moved.”

Marnie Oswald said in an interview Tuesday, however, that the fence had been moved in the past few weeks, and claimed it had encroached on the Phillips property by only a few inches. Now, however, she said she was dealing with the trauma of a serious attack on her 44-year-old husband allegedly committed by her backyard neighbor.

“I am terrified for my life right now,” she said.

There was a fairly large TV news report on NBC 10 yesterday also. Deanna Durante had the story:

Ok so I heard through local chatter that some are giving West Whiteland Supervisor Brian Dunn a hard time…for trying to do his West Whiteland Supervisor job fairly and for being kind to an upset woman at a public meeting in May? That’s what men who are grownups try to do: the right thing. Brian is a stand up guy. If I had to hazard a guess, this whole sequence of events is distressing to everyone. It is profoundly disturbing the way this escalated and there are no winners here. This is big time crazy train time. And listen to the news report on this. This whole neighborhood sounds like they were ALL living through this Hatfields vs. McCoys in Exton even if they weren’t involved. Now two families are kind of destroyed.

No winners here, none at all.

And finally, the ultimate crazy train for the week occurred on Sunday freaking afternoon on a quiet street in West Vincent. Not to be crass, but human freaking BBQ. That’s right, a burning dead body was dumped on Eagle Farm Road.

I have been getting LOTS of messages to the blog’s Facebook page about this. I know nothing more than anyone else. This is as creepy as F. But this is a dumped body. As in dumped and left . And this body was dumped in an area where you wouldn’t necessarily have security cameras abundantly present. So did no one see, or did someone drive by when some kind of vehicle would have had to pull over to dump a body, start a fire?

People. This is a case of if you SAW something, SAY something. Even if you don’t think it is important, you never know. Do I think the public is at risk over there? No my dears, your greatest risk in West Vincent is perpetual dumb ass politics and bad manager choices at least every other manager, right? You have a good police department and they care.

Do I think it would be NICE if the media covered this to get this out there more to the public regionally so this craziness can be case solved? YES. And no I don’t think this was a local person, this was an elsewhere dump. So maybe people who live on either side of the crime scene if you have trail cameras or security cameras start checking your footage for cars etc you don’t recognize or were driving oddly? You never know…

And then there is the AJ Blosenski of it all. I finally got our street cleared of the backlog of missed trash pickups and had a nice chat with two corporate overlord folks at Waste Connections. That was the accomplishment that pleased me yesterday. but now AJ Blosenski and Waste Connections need to do that for everyone.

But as for the rest of it? Swirling humanity and the crazy train stopping too long in Chester County? Enough already. It is freaking exhausting.

Just like the people who seem to think contacting me whenever about whatever and being utterly obnoxious a lot of the time is too much talk to the hand. I don’t suffer fools gladly, so fools, please stay in your lane. Everyone has opinions, I am but one person so why do you care so much?

And then a question I ask sincerely: Why is it wrong to show compassion for people at times?

We have had three pretty awful things happen lately: a stabbing that was the end result of a neighbor dispute that went on for far too long; a local politician’s spouse/partner went to jail for child porn which blew up lives and friendships because of collateral damage; a body BBQ due to a dumped burning murder victim in West Vincent Township in a quiet area with lots of kids.

Look at this local craziness as a microcosm of the larger picture of what is happening in our country. When does it stop? When (for example) do the political parties put down their pitchforks and meet in the middle for the benefit of ALL Americans? When did violence become the answer to everything? When did we stop feeling consistently safe in our own neighborhoods?

There is no simplistic answer to crime. But there is a simplistic answer to the bullshit and crazy behavior we see every day on social media that spills over into the real world and people actually think the behavior is OK? This behavior is NOT O.K. That is your simplistic answer.

People, breathe. Just freaking breathe. Enough stupid human tricks for a while.

That’s all I have got today.

human shaming in phoenixville

This is August. So cars heat up fast, don’t they? Especially in parking lots open to the sun, right?  And as you see that is a dog in a hot SUV earlier today. It was taken by a friend at the Redner’s parking lot in Phoenixville.  These people who own this Ford SUV should be ashamed of themselves!!!

 I wish the people who sent me the photos had taken photos with the license plate showing! This photo and the one below came with the following message:

We went shopping at Phoenixville Redner’s today. I waited in the car while the wife got a few things.

Some jerk left a poodle in a parked car. Driver window was open a couple inches, but the dog was frantic at first, then just laying on the seat panting like hell. 

A local cop came through, and I got his attention. He looked, and said “the window is open a little, and it’s a white car, it won’t get hot, besides this is private property, I have no jurisdiction”. The windows were heavily tinted, and too hot to put your hand on. 

I was about to break the glass when a young couple (about 6 people gathered by now) said they would go inside and have the manager put the vehicle, license plate, and business name on the P.A. system that their window was about to be broken. A volunteer firefighter had a rescue tool, and said he would give them 5 minutes. A girl with a water bottle squirted water through the cracked window on the dog, and it got up, and got a little. 

 Don’t know the final outcome. Even through the heavily tinted glass you can see the dog with it’s mouth wide open. 

So Redner’s in Phoenixville is in which township?  I would like to commend their officer who stopped for showing such caring and concern, wouldn’t you? Do you sense my sarcasm ? If  the officer was loath to break a window why couldn’t said officer have gone into the store to check for the irresponsible owner? Wow.

Kudos goes to the volunteer firefighter and others who sprang into action to try to help the dog.

Dogs give us unconditional love and devotion so it is really upsetting when you see stupid human tricks in action. 

There is a law being proposed in PA regarding keeping pets out of hot cars. Contact your legislators in PA ASAP about getting it passed!

New bill focused on keeping pets out of hot cars

Carolyn Blackburne 08/05/2015 06:54 PM08/05/2015 07:29 PM

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — A new bill proposed in the Pennsylvania legislature is focused on keeping animals out of hot cars. 

Farm manager at Greener Pasture’s Animal Shelter, Ryan Jacobs, said leaving a pet inside a car on a hot day can be a matter of life and death. Cats and dogs that are left in cars can die within five to ten minutes on days above 110 degrees.

“We already have laws like this for children, so I think it is important you take your dog out of the car when you go somewhere,” Jacobs said.

If an animal is left unattended in a car for more than five minutes, it can go into heat stroke.


UPDATE: the power of the Internet. Another person sent me a partial plate (missing one letter or digit) and told me that this shopping center is on the edge of Phoenixville Borough and apparently it was an unmarked police car and three police departments can be found on patrol around here (Phoenixville Borough, East Pikeland, and Schulkill Twp). And the static decal in the window is for a company called Unlimited Restoration which has an office in Pottstown.